grackel fever


Four things:

1) If I didn't know it was spring, I would know anyway because there's grackel shit all over the passenger window and door of the car. They just LOVE to look at themselves in the rear view mirror. They love it so much they crap; they look and crap and look and crap and YOU FOOL GRACKELS, I HOPE YOU GET DEHYDRATED.

2) I don't like suede. Not in shoes, pocketbooks or coats. No suede. I'm just telling you this as a follow-up to the other day's wee shoe entry.

3) Something that endears me to Steven Gerrard, captain of Liverpool FC, is that his hair always looks like his mom cut it. Liverpool won the FA Cup a few days ago, btw. I know you don't care, but I got up at 5:30 yesterday morning to watch the FA Cup final (Dennis recorded it late on Tuesday night) so by golly, I'm going to tell you

4) What do you think of my pretty new layout? Baby Catie made it for me.

Going home now.

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