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Pop quiz, hotshots. My boss uses the bathroom at work maybe 4 times per day (I'm not paying close attention, but that's what I'd guess) and he's in there for about two minutes each time. When he goes in, he turns on the faucet in the sink immediately (I assume he's masking the sound of his pee hitting the toilet) and leaves it on for the rest of the time he's in there. I don't know how fast the water is running out of the faucet, but for math purposes I estimate you could fill one 8 ounce cup in 6 seconds. If you figure he's in the office an average of 4 days per week, 16 days per month, and given that I have worked here for 7 years and 9 months, how much water has he wasted during that time? For extra credit, express in interpretive dance how much you think his careless water-wasting ignorance angers me.

This morning I had an email from Leslie Hall to inform me that Leslie and the LYs will be performing in Chapel Hill on July 10! If you don't think I'm going to see that show, you don't know much. Sharky can't go, since they're performing at a bar, but I'll take lots of pictures so he can see the fabulousness.

The song of the day is Brad Walsh's "Look at Me". The song can be found with some of his others on his website, and hopefully you'll go check him out, because he is Good, and that particular song hooked me in the first 5 seconds--you'll see why.

This weekend I had a number of odd dreams, which is not unusual, but what's unusual is I remembered them past the first 10 minutes after waking up. My favorite dream was that I heard a message Hitler left on someone's answering machine, and in the dream I was very amused. After I woke up I continued to be amused, because think about it. Picture Hitler calling someone. If a machine picked up, already he'd be offended, because how dare the person he was calling not be home? You also have to figure he'd be pissed about leaving the message, since talking to a machine is so undignified, so he'd probably be many times more intense than he always is in the newsreels when he was giving a speech. I'm sure you can imagine what the message would sound like, and probably it's about the same as it sounded in my dream, i.e. funny. Or maybe I'm insane.

We watched two movies this weekend. Francisco and I saw The Sea Inside on Saturday when Boy was at his friend's, and the three of us watched Raising Victor Vargas (a Twyla recommendation) yesterday. Both were great, and I now think Javier Bardem was Robbed at the Oscars.

Things which do not deserve their own paragraph:

1) Yesterday I watched some of a Superman (don't know which one) movie that had been dubbed into Spanish. That was Awesome for about 5 minutes and then it was boring, because that movie sucks in Any language.

2) We ate amazing food this weekend. Francisco and I devoured a huge amount of salad on Saturday evening (the Best Salad Ever, now with mango!); we had a bunch of mediterranean-type foods on Sunday--hummus, baba ganouj, olives, roasted red peppers, cucumber slices, etc etc yummy; and had warm spinach salad last night, with crusty rolls. I love food so much nowadays, and it loves me right back. We bought a watermelon this weekend, thinking watermelon seemed like a thing one ought to have on Memorial Day, but we never cut it, so it's still sitting in the kitchen, waiting.

3) Okay, seriously? I really really love Greg Gutfeld.

I wanted to put more on this list but I need to leave earlier than usual today, so I'm going to sign off now. Hopefully tomorrow I'll remember the interesting things I thought I'd remember to tell you but instead have totally forgotten.

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