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For those of you not keeping up with my scintillating observations and bon mots on Twitter [*sound of wind blowing...a tumbleweed rolls past*], today Francisco journeyed out to Vantage, specifically to the Columbia River, to look for a body. This was in his capacity as reserve deputy, mind you--it's not just a hobby. A guy drowned on Monday when his boat came unmoored (when he wasn't on it); he started swimming after it and disappeared. The right number of days have passed now to where gasses would build up in the corpse and cause it to float to the surface, hence the search. They didn't find the body, but Francisco had a fun time learning to drive the cop boat, so I guess it was still a nice outing. Can I just point out how bizarre our life has become? Thanks. Yesterday Francisco spent 8 hours guarding the perimeter of the Science Bldg here on campus, because someone called in a bomb threat. Bomb-sniffing dogs came over from Seattle, and the SWAT team was called in, but they found nothing. I think some student didn't want to go to class and had the bright idea to call in a bomb threat, which, if true, is pretty rotten, considering the tremendous amount of resources expended and time wasted searching the building. I hope that student gets caught, and I don't care if this makes me sound curmudgeonly.

Super Lucky Wither Time Update: 10 pounds lost. No sit-up count because I keep forgetting to do them, but I will remember next week, for sure. This morning I tried on my favorite capri pants and they fit again. I thought about wearing them today but they're wrinkly from being folded up all that time, and also they have ties on the waist, in the back, and the ties require careful shirt selection. I was already going to buy some new shirts this weekend, so now I'll be sure to get some that'll work with those pants. Also this weekend I'm going to pull my too-big clothes out of my closet and give them to the Goodwill--having them hanging around would feel too much like hedging my bets and I just want to move ahead with this withering thing and never go back.

There's going to be a lot of cleaning and organizing and planning that happens this weekend, because this whole week has felt out of control and super stressy. Partly it's because Francisco isn't home all the time due to Police, and partly it's because we were gone last weekend and I didn't get any cleaning or anything done then, so the house is Groce.

I've been shopping on eBay lately, with the gift certificate my former coworkers gave me when I left that job--did I tell you this before? I don't know why it took me so long (almost a year, yikes) to use the gift certificate, but so far I've gotten a handsewn knitting needle case (holds 40 pairs of needles), a yerba mate gourd with bombilla (metal filtery straw), and another doll head. I've only actually received the needle case at this point, but the gourd should be coming any day. The whole reason I bought the gourd in the first place is because it has the Boca Jrs. crest on it, but also I've been drinking mate, even though I don't like it, and this way I can start buying the loose yerba mate which comes in a "not smoked" variety I think I'd like much better. My plan is to take pictures of everything I buy and put them on Flickr so the people who gave me the gift cert. can see what I bought with it. They won't be horrified; they know me well enough to know I'd buy some unusual stuff with it.

Look, I was going to tell you some other things about music I've been listening to and crap like that, but the truth is, I just don't have the energy. This has been a long and busy/stressful week and I'm thrilled it's Friday. Tonight right after work Francisco and I are going to a work party (my work) that I don't think will be very much fun, but who knows, and then tomorrow the Real weekend will start. Oh lordy lord, the next 3 hours can't pass quickly enough.

I will leave you with 3 YouTube videos Andreas Novak pointed The AtomicFriends to and at which I laughed and laughed when I watched them last night. Do not tell me what a terrible sentence that was, because I know, I KNOW.

Jackie and Debra

The Christmas Tree

My Son is Gay?

Have a great weekend, luvvies.




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