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I locked this thing up for a week (in case you didn't notice), because a certain beloved mother of mine gave the url to Francisco's mother, and even though I was pretty sure she'd forget the url right away (she did), I didn't want to take any chances. I didn't write while it was locked up, because I sent an email to everyone who listed me as a favorite, to give the password and all that, but a lot of those emails bounced back and I figured if I wrote and people who didn't know I'd locked tried to read my entry, it would cause confusion. But I'm back now, and I'm a little dizzy, because I got my new contacts yesterday and am wearing them today. I can see a lot better, but I'm not used to seeing a lot better, hence the dizzy. The stupid lenses change the color of my eyes only the tiniest bit, so I'm not going to go through the hassle of returning them and making the eye place order clear ones. I'm just going to lie when people ask me if this is the real color of my eyes, because it basically IS the real color, and those people can suck it.

Our Boy came back last Wednesday night, and it's good to have him home. He was real fiesty for a few days--a taunter extraordinaire--because probably he didn't get to tease anyone while he was in Oregon, or at least not as much as he's used to doing. Mainly since he's been back he's been A) playing with all the new video games he got for his birthday and B) wearing the belt/chain/wallet combo he received from my sister and her fiance, for his birthday. He loves the belt/chain/wallet so much he wore the same pair of jeans 3 days in a row, because he likes the way they go with the b/c/w. He's making wearing the b/c/w his full-time job. That and bitching about having to eat gazpacho. Oh, and also trying to get us to crave jelly bellies, because he received a jelly belly dispenser for his birthday, from his horrible mother. It's coin operated, and you get 2 jelly bellies for a quarter--how ridiculous is that? He figures he's onto a money-making scheme, if he can just get us addicted to jelly bellies. Not going to happen.

As for me, I've recently been reading [books about viruses and horrible diseases--my favorite] and browsing the web, which is now remote at our house, via the laptop (I love having access to the web while sitting in my bed, all comfy-like). I've also been doing little projects at home (nothing too interesting), and last Saturday we all went to our CSA farm and picked tomatoes. This is because they had several very long rows of heirloom plum tomatoes that needed picking but the plants were so laden that it would take them a long time. The farm let all members come out and pick up to 20 lbs of tomatoes. We got about that much and they urged us to take more, but it's just the 3 of us and we already had more than enough. So far we've had pasta sauce made from these tomatoes, and gazpacho, which I love. We still have too many tomatoes, and I'm not sure what we'll do with them, but we have to do something quick, because they're starting to be overripe. Another pasta sauce, probably, and maybe we could freeze it for later.

I just had the mom of a student who graduated in the spring call me just to say thank you, which surprised me because it rarely happens. Nice though. Makes me remember that I should thank more people for more things.

Lots of things I could talk about, but I'm really kicking ass at work today and I want to keep it going. I do this all the time--let myself get behind, and then catch up in a blaze of industrious working. I hate getting behind, but I Love catching up. Here I go.


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