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My son is eating all my food, Internet, and I do not like it. Specifically it's problematic when I go to pack snacks/lunches to take to work and find that the things I've planned to pack no longer exist outside The Shark's digestive system. This morning, for example, I was planning to take a peach as a snack (the last peach), only to find that he had consumed it, along with a very large bowl of cereal and a serving of peach yogurt, for his breakfast. The only snacky things I can keep in stock in the kitchen anymore are spicy things like the Thai curry cashews and wasabi-tamari almonds I bought this weekend. And I think we can all agree that living off spicy nuts is probably not a good idea; studies show that a strict diet of spiced nuts produces gas, scurvy, and weight gain. Is my son trying to kill me?? I'd better warn Francisco.

So, guess whose house offer has been accepted.... Wrong, not ours. It hasn't been rejected either, which is odd--I thought we'd know one way or the other by now. We had written into the contract that the seller has until 5:00 tonight to respond, and I'm starting to wonder if she just isn't going to. We did offer her $15000 less than she was asking, but considering [we found this out on Sunday] that she bought the house in April for $49000 less than what she's asking for it now, we thought she'd be amenable to ONLY profiting by $34000 in 5 months. Apparently when she bought it the sellers had some situation that made them pretty desperate to sell (hence the low price), but unfortunately for her, we're not desperate to buy. I mean, we really like the house, but if it doesn't work out, we're not going to collapse in despair. Or if we do, we're going to get up again almost immediately. Or if we don't, we'll at least contrive to collapse upon a soft surface, such as a bed or couch, so we can stay there for awhile in maximum comfort. It's all going to work out, is what I'm trying to say. Dig ME and my zen attitude! Must be all those spicy nuts I just ate.

The weekend, other than the stress of making a house offer, was pretty good, except that I am still quite congested as an after-effect of my flu, and am having trouble sleeping because of it. I was feeling pretty tired and sorry for myself, let me tell you, but the congestion is starting to ease up just a bit and I can almost see the healthy light at the end of the groce illness tunnel. But man oh man I wish this congestion would go away--my nose is killing me.

Work is BusyBusy so there's no more time to write.




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