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Interweb, you have seen me through a number of celebrity crushes, including my super secret fictional boyfriends, Toby from the West Wing and Kirk from Gilmore Girls (which didn't last long; we were too different). Therefore you know me well enough to be unsurprised when I tell you I now have a Super Secret Soccer Boyfriend. Oh Interweb, he is dreamy! He is also a really, Really kickass player--my research indicates he's widely touted as one of the best defenders in Europe, and I believe it. There is little that gets past him, Interweb, and one of the things I love about watching him play is how he radiates a quiet confidence that he Totally backs up. His competant aura doesn't write checks his body can't cash, if you know what I mean. Anyway, without further ado, I give you a few photos of my Super Secret Soccer Boyfriend, Sami Hyypia--he plays for Liverpool:




Tough as nails.


Doesn't give up.

Sami Hyypia, my super-secret football boyfriend

Knows how to use his head.

Sami Hyypia is everything a girl could want in a super secret boyfriend; I am very pleased. I'll let you know how our relationship progresses.

Songs of the Day:

Snacky Chan -- Radio Wars, at Berkeleyplace. I SO love the name Snacky Chan, and his music is good too.

Listing Ship -- Chinese Song, at Sixeyes.

The Blue Van -- Revelation of Love, at Insound.

Oy, what a day it's been so far. I woke up very groggy and a bit headachey and thought about calling in sick to work, but unfortunately I have a couple of things I Needed to get done today, so I was stuck. It's still cold today but I wised up and wore a sweater, since I was forced to get dressed, and all. Maybe I'll hurry up and do all my nonessential stuff today too, so if I wake up feeling groce again tomorrow, I can stay home. I think that's an excellent idea.


PS Huge congratulations to Miles and Lexi on the birth of their fabulous baby!! I'm so happy for all three of them. |


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