da lizard is in da house


Do y'all happen to remember that lizard that got into the house and fled into the heat/air duct over a year ago? The one that made a reappearance a few months ago, alive when I was sure he'd be dead? HE'S BACK. I noticed Lucy showing an inordinate interest in the wastebasket in our bedroom earlier, and I was saying, "What, sweetie? There's nothing there--see?", at which point I moved the wastebasket, and HOLY HELL there was something there! Namely the lizard who, I am here to tell you, has gotten Enormous. I guess there's some good eatin' in those ducts, but here's what I'm thinking:

FACT: He's managed to survive all this time.
FACT: He's clearly being well nourished. [this is one corpulent lizard]
FACT: Lizards eat bugs. Let's not dwell on that, mmkay?
FACT: Any creature that eats must, conversely, poop.
FACT: That lizard is pooping someplace, either in the ducts or dog knows where else.

That last one isn't so much a fact as a cry of anguish, but I guess you already knew that.

The lizard scurried away from the wastebasket region and under the armoire, and from there to under the table [I managed to take that picture as he was en route], and under the table is where I keep all my yarn/fabric/misc. craft stuff, and you know what's going to happen, right? I'm going to forget all about that lizard and in a few weeks will be scratching around under there, looking for something, and he's going to leap out at me. I will subsequently have a heart attack and you'll never hear from me again. You just wait.

I got my yarn in the mail on Wednesday--elann.com rocks on the shipping; they are Fast. Anyway, I got my yarn, and with hands trembling from excitement, tore the box open. Here's where I ask y'all a question: Did you click on my elann.com link the other day and view the Oriental Poppy color, and IF SO, what color did it look like on Your computer? [PS you can't look now because Oriental Poppy is sold out so it doesn't show up anymore] On my computer it was a very hot pink. This yarn I got? Is maraschino cherry red, which I guess makes some kind of sense, because Oriental Poppies are red [right?], but that's not what it looked like to me, on my home Or work computers. The whole reason I wanted the yarn is because I'm going through a hot pink phase, and I really loved what I thought was the vibrating hot pink color of Oriental Poppy--that was the Entire Point of buying that yarn. I've decided to keep it and make the sweater anyway, because I don't Hate maraschino cherry red, but I'm officially a bit disappointed and vexed. Ah well.

Dear Family,

Did someone buy us a subscription to Newsweek? We started getting it a few weeks ago but we don't know why. It's possible it was a bonus of purchasing something else [per Francisco], but we don't know. If someone got it for us, please step forward so we can thank you. Cooperate.


I didn't go to work yesterday because Francisco left (at 5:00 in the a.m.) yesterday and drove west to Boone, for the state shootenanny, and Sharky did an Aikido camp last week that he needed to be taken to and picked up from yesterday. I was more than happy to take the day off, and in fact had planned to take our down comforter to the laundromat and wash it, but then I decided I should reread how to do that and realized the comforter would take several hours to dry. That wasn't going to work into my other plans very well yesterday, so I decided to bag that idea and wait until the next time Francisco and Sharky go to a cowboy action shoot. I will then pack several hours of reading/activities and make a trip to the laundromat to wash our comforter and the other one we have that also really needs to be washed. Might as well get them both done at once, right? Anyway Francisco stayed overnight at Boone, because he's a Safety Officer for this shootenanny, which means he gets there a day early, so he was gone last night but will get home late tonight. I"m glad he's coming home; I always feel unsettled when he's not here.

Still, I've managed to get things done, such as shopping for a care package for a food-deprived person I know and adore [he's down to his last penny; eating plain tortillas while weeping, poor boy], making french toast for Sharky and I this morning, laundry, cleaning, knitting, etc. Tomorrow I anticipate Francisco and I will watch several hours of soccer, because Tivo recorded two games today and will record one tomorrow. Oh, we saw the Trinidad & Tobago vs. USA World Cup Qualifier game from last Wednesday [it's been awhile since I've updated; sorry] and what I would like to tell you is one of the Trinidad & Tobago player's name is Stern John. I think that's one of the best names I've ever heard. USA won, btw.

I'm making mix cds while writing this, just so you know. What I'm realizing is we have a LOT of great music and I've forgotten about so much of it. Case in point: The Cloud Room's song "Hey Now Now"? Kicks ASS. I just. What is wrong with me that I forget about all our music?! Never again, interweb; this is my vow to you.

Sharky's friend took him to the movies today (Four Brothers) and he should be getting home any minute now. He and I will do nothing in particular this evening. I'll have him go to bed at 10:30 [he'll feign crankiness, but he'll secretly be tired and glad to be forced to bed) and I'll wait up for Francisco. I'm glad he's coming home--I slept okay without him but I'll sleep better with him. At one point last night, Esther jumped onto the bed and settled down on my pillow, and even in my befuddled, non-lucid state I wondered why she wanted to sleep on my pillow when she had the REST OF THE DAMN BED TO CHOOSE FROM. I made her move her ass, needless to say.

I still love Flickr. That is all.

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