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You know what's good? Unsweetened carob chips. I don't like sweetened carob, because it's too sweet, and I don't consider carob to be a chocolate substitute, because come on; it doesn't taste like chocolate. But as itself, I loves it. I bought some of those chips this weekend, when my sweet tooth would not be quieted, and man oh man it is delicious.

By the way, I accidentally typed "man on man", above, and that was definitely a Freudian slip.

A weirdo thing happened this morning during a meeting--I started having some odd visual stuff that I recognized as a probable migraine in process. I had to ask BroCo to read some stuff for me, even (we were reviewing petitions), because I just couldn't see it. When I got back to my desk I googled "ocular migraine" and came up with an exact description of what I'd been seeing:

"People with ocular migraines can have a variety of visual symptoms. Typically you will see a small, enlarging blind spot (scotoma) in your central vision with bright, flickering lights (scintillations) or a shimmering zig-zag line (metamorphopsia) inside the blind spot. The blind spot usually enlarges and may move across your field of vision. This entire migraine phenomenon may end in only a few minutes, but usually lasts as long as about 20-30 minutes."

So, yeah, it was about 25 minutes and then it was over. I hope it doesn't start becoming a regular thing; it's contraindicated in people who are trying to get shit done.

That's about all I have to tell you today. Tonight I will go home and will harvest and assemble a delicious salad--we have arugula again--and will probably also have a smoothie. Francisco has to work tonight so I can make whatever I want, and the salad/smoothie combo is going to be the ticket. When I go to bed I will try to coax Esther to join me, but it's unlikely she will. She's been refusing to sleep with me/us except for brief periods of time where she's not actually sleeping so much as disturbing our sleep. Saturday morning she came in when Francisco crawled into bed but it was only so she could lay down directly across my throat and dig her knees into my neck. She was purring real hard. Freak cat.




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