the Boy, the Vanquisher


I'll tell you right now, kittens--my Boy is amazing at Tae Kwon Do and I had no idea. I hadn't seen him sparring since the last tournament, and when I saw him last night I was shocked and awed. I missed his first fight, which is too bad because Francisco said he really kicked ass, but the second fight was so good and of course he won. He was pretty tired by his last fight (his fifth I think) and didn't end up winning, but he would have if he hadn't accidentally hit his opponent in the face and had points deducted. Head punches are allowed (they wear padded hat things), and as he got tired he relied more on punching people in the head, and that was his downfall. He got second place, and he was sort of disappointed, but he understood he had lost fair and square and he took it well. He is definitely the best in his class (seriously--this is not just a parent's bias) and I told him I really hope he keeps doing Tae Kwon Do, because he is very talented. The other kids were sort of lumbering around the mat, occasionally punching or kicking at each other, but the Boy, he was Bruce. Fucking. Lee, dancing around alert and poised to strike. I felt so proud, but also a little weird sitting amonst the other parents, who were watching their sons get their asses whipped by mine. One of the white belts (who fought each other; they didn't fight the green belts, which Boy is) turned around and asked Francisco, "Are you his dad?" Francisco said yes, and the kid said, "You look alike". Francisco and I grinned at each other--we hear that a lot. So anyway, I'm really glad I went to the tournament, even though I was tired, because it was great and very exciting and I loved seeing that Boy in action. AMAZING, I tell you.

Go watch this film (thanks, Miles for the direct link)--it is good. Also, I've been reading some of Margaret Cho's blog entries, and she writes really well; I definitely recommend her for those who are not faint of heart.

The boss let us go early--I'm outta here! I will probably not update again until Monday, because I have many things to accomplish this 4 day weekend, but who knows. Have a great day tomorrow!!


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