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I know this is a horribly bitchy thing to say, but one of my coworkers is wearing the world's dowdiest dress today. Or rather, it would be right at home at a backyard picnic, or maybe as a beach coverup, but it is not office wear. I will describe the dress. It's like a t-shirt except that it goes almost to her ankles, with slits up the sides to almost the knee. It is red with several horizontal white stripes going across the bosom area. It is a knit jersey fabric. I don't know why this dress grates on me so much, because it's not like I'm among the fashionistas of the world, but it does. I loathe that dress and I almost shy like a startled Palomino every time I see it.

This morning I was thinking about babies and the stages they go through, and I have come up with Eva's Chart of Childhood Development:

1) drunken egg

2) zygote

3) embryo

4) fetus

5) watermelon (during the birth)

6) lump of dough

7) eater/shitter

8) wriggle meat

9) crawler

10) suicidal destructo machine

11) stubborn being that says NO a lot

12) being that tells long stories that make no sense; usually beginning with "one time, my dad..."

13) being that hides behind parents when spoken to (this is the best stage so far)

14) person. this is the last stage, and it begins at about age 5. this, to me, is when children get interesting, unless I am related to them, in which case I am intersted in them at about stage 4.

My Seattle friend, Diana, is arriving this evening and is bringing some Pacific salmon, packed to fly. She rocks for many reasons, and bringing salmon is one of them. I'm leaving work early in order to pick her up from the airport and am taking a vacation day on Monday. I felt guilty about being off on Monday (it's busy right now) until last Monday and Tuesday when there were only 2 of us counselor-types in the office for most of the day (out of the usual 7) and we had to talk to a lot of the absent counselors' people. So screw that; let them talk to My people for a change--I'm not feeling guilty any more.

Also I have almost gotten rid of the headache that came on me this morning. I haven't been drinking caffeine lately (unless you count the one cup of half-caff coffee I've had most mornings lately. I know, I know, I quit caffeine, but that back monkey is hard to completely get rid of) but my head was killing me, so I did the headache cocktail: 2 ibuprofen and one diet soda. Worked like a charm--my head no longer hurts but it feels sort of full, like there's giblet stuffing in there. This too shall pass.

I don't know why I didn't think of it before, but a coworker gave me and several other people vases filled with water and gardenia bush clippings. She told us to occasionally add more water and the clippings should root. Sure enough, mine have rooted, as have everyone else's, except for the the coworker who contributed them. She's been lamenting her rootless status for a couple of weeks, and (here's where "I don't know why I didn't think of it before" comes in) today I had the idea to substitute some of my rooted stalks for her rootless ones. She left early today and I made the switch, and on Monday she'll be freaking out with happiness that her cuttings rooted over the weekend. I almost wish I were going to be here for that. Almost.

It's thundering out right now, and I hope it keeps up until about 5 minutes before I have to leave, because maybe it'll make all these walk-in types stay home instead of coming to bother me. One can always hope.

Gotta work now, but good luck to Miles who is right now (I believe) going through a job review that promises much pain and suffering for him. Send him the good thoughts.





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