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Our office has a lot of correspondence going in and out, and sometimes when a person wants me to mail something to another place, they will enclose an addressed, stamped envelope for me to mail it in. And maybe it's just paranoia on my part, but before I lick those envelopes, I always look at the glue to make sure it wasn't pre-licked, because if it was, that'd be nasty, yo.

I've been thinking about how gas stations raised their prices immediately after the hurricane, even though the gas in their underground tanks was in no way effected by the hurricane and potential future fuel cost increases, and I think that's rotten. I also think it's dumb, because if I owned a gas station, I would keep my prices the same while all other stations raised theirs. What I figure this would do is make people flock in to buy my low priced gas, and within a couple of days I'd be sold out. I could then close the station until the next gas delivery was due, and go fishing. I still haven't learned to fish--I'm waiting until we move west--but in this scenario I am a wily angler [work with me here]. Why would gas station owners choose to gouge customers by raising prices when they could make people happy AND get a vacation? That makes better sense to me. I mean, if the fuel that got delivered the next time cost me more, Then I'd raise my prices to compensate, but until then, Ima drink me some beer and catch me some trout.

Sharky bought himself a soccer jersey (from eBay) that he's so in love with. It's the Italy national team (I think) and he likes it because it's white with gold letters; he has the fashion sense of a pimp. Anyway, I've been thinking I'd like a soccer jersey too, except I'd want to buy a Mexico jersey (if I was going to go the national route, for the upcoming World Cup), but they're green and green isn't really my color. Aren't there any teams who play in hot pink? Le sigh.

I don't know if you looked at my flickr pictures from the weekend (there is no obligation and no salesman will call), but if you did you might've seen one of some kudzu and read my description which lamented the picture's failure to show the kudzu bloom, which is beautiful. I bring this up because I saw a kudzu flower picture today on flickr, and it is magnificent. If you have a piece of grape Laffy Taffy handy, unwrap it and smell it while you look at the picture; it will then be almost like viewing the bloom in person.

Today has been a cuh-razy day! I won't go into it, but suffice it to say we discovered some problems which need fixing, and there were things I needed to do for it, and I was having trouble figuring stuff out and starting to feel really panicked and people were coming in to talk to me and OMG LEAVE ME ALONE CAN'T YOU SEE MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE? Things are almost okay now (not resolved but on their way), but for awhile there I was trembling like a chihuahua, I was so nervous. It was quite attractive, I'm sure.

Our second in command boss emailed us this quote yesterday, which was included as a signature in an email she got: "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"-- Mary Oliver. I don't know who Mary Oliver is (I guess I should've googled her before writing this entry so I didn't look so ignant), but I love this because it's just how I think about life. Thank you Mary Oliver! Whoever you are!

I'm going to send an email and head home for chicken & rice soup with bread, salad, and wine.

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