On the verge of departure


The last couple of mornings, I've arrived at work and thought that if my commute had been filmed, at least half of it would have to be bleeped before it could be shown on television. I mean, I try to remain calm when driving, but there are weeks full of pms hormones (such as this one) that cry out for a barrage of profanity. Since I commute alone, I indulge this, and really, I get pretty creative. The British slang is helping with that.

Yesterday I did something (no idea what) that aggravated my sacroiliac joint, and now after many months of no pain, I have big pain again. This makes complete sense, as I will need to sit in a tiny airplane seat for about 7 hours tomorrow, so of course my back is choosing now to remind me of its existence. Universe, I am not kidding around this time--you are really pissing me off. I've been taking lots of ibuprofen (like the doctor advised me to last time) and am hoping for the best. I wonder if I could bring my frozen gel pack onto the plane or whether it would arouse suspicion. Maybe they'd let me on with it if a dog smelled it and gave it the all-clear. Might be worth a try.

My ten minute rave didn't happen today. A couple people had to leave for a meeting, and three of us were going to do it anyway, but a student popped in to see me just as I was about to put the music on. We decided we'll try for next week instead, but it's too bad because I already had the sign made for my door:




I was thinking about the people who put on those bizarre events in big cities (can't remember the term for those events) where they show up at a place and do something weird for a few minutes and immediately disperse, and I was thinking it would be fun to do a ten minute rave like that. I could put an ad in the college newspaper, advertising the ten minute rave, and see who shows up. We could do it in the parking lot out back and in ten minutes, disperse. No wagering.

This is all I have time for. Tonight I will pack and do a smidge of cleaning and have Carolina barbecue for dinner, from the local family smokehouse/restaurant. Yessss precioussss. I'm happy to report the book I ordered last Friday (which I didn't talk about before, so why am I mentioning it now? I don't know) arrived today, so with that and the new Smithsonian magazine and a couple of library books, I am set to fly, both ways. I think the flight tomorrow will be okay, but it takes off at 6:30, so we have to be at the airport at the crack of sparrow's fart. (do you see what I mean about this British slang? brilliant)

Also? I have noticed an improvement in my general digestive health since I started the no gluten diet--it's a little bit amazing. I won't go into exactly what improved, but let's just say my elimination schedule is down to once a day and produces more cohesive results. That's still not oblique enough, but we're all friends here, right?

Talk to you next week, when Minired is an old married woman.


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