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I made mac-n-cheese last night with the gluten-free macaroni, and it turned out great. The weirdness is that the macaroni is made of corn, and when it was boiling it smelled exactly like cornbread. It didn't taste like cornbread, though, so I give the macaroni 4 stars.

You know how I've mentioned many times that I want to live in an Airstream trailer? I've changed my mind. I want to live in a Spartan or Spartanette, because they're at least as stylish and are way more affordable, right now at least (probably they'll shoot up in price tomorrow). We could buy a decent sized Spartanette for $2,000-$3,000 and fix it up, and after we move I swear we're going to do exactly that. It would be all kinds of handy, for camping of course, but also for when we have guests (assuming we have multiple guests and a smallish house, which is what we'll be looking for). I've been looking at Spartans and Spartanettes on the web this weekend, and can you believe Spartan made a 50 foot trailer? 50 feet!! Good god, can you imagine towing such a thing? Anyone buying that now should just park it and live in it; that's what I'd do.

This afternoon I talked to a potential student who is shockingly beautiful. You know the type, where you have to force yourself not to stare? My goodness, in ancient Rome this girl would've been made a goddess. I hope she stays nice.

The lizard is not in our bedroom any longer; instead he's in the heat/AC vent. He was very near the back door yesterday afternoon (after I posted my last entry) and I managed to open the back door without making him move. But as I tried to herd him outside, he freaked and ran into the nearby vent. I am vexed but mostly I'm feeling really sorry for him, because he's gotta be scared. Right?

Yesterday after Francisco got home from his shootenanny, he asked me to check him for ticks (since I'd had one on me) and lo and behold, there was one on his left calf. I pulled it off with the tweezers--it was one of the big dog ticks, whereas mine was the petite deer tick, since I'm a girl. Yuck, either way. I predict a major tick crisis in NC this year.

Also, that rabbit doesn't seem to be nesting in our yard after all. Probably wise, since the neighbor cat hosses his way through it all the time. Hopefully she found somewhere safe to have her babies.

I saw Leatherface; Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 this weekend--can you believe it? I hadn't watched a slasher film since I was a teenager, and when I watched them then it was only because some friends wanted to see them. It was actually somewhat fascinating, though of course horrendous and bad. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I watched it (ordered up from Netflix) solely to see Viggo Mortensen in a frilly apron and red nail-polish, and he did not disappoint. The main character in the film, the Scream Queen, irritated me so much that I was happy when bad things happened to her--I think that's probably not what the casting department envisioned or wanted. Anyway, two thumbs down, way down, unless, like me, you just really want the apron and nail-polish, in which case, what are you waiting for?

Lastly, I have been informed by Atomic that cloudberries aren't very tasty, and advised to make elderberry aquavit instead. So that's my plan now, and I think they're easier to find anyway. We have an elder in our backyard, even, but I doubt we'd get enough berries for the aquavit.

Busy day again today, but it was our last drop-in day, and I hardly got any people coming to see me, compared to some of my coworkers. I'm trying not to gloat.


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