lagrimas de oro


Last night when I got home from work, Sharky had his friends, Lives Alone Pete and Jordan over. Lives Alone Pete got his name because when Sharky first met him, he was living alone in his sister's place here in town. His parents live over on the peninsula and apparently don't like the high school LAPete is supposed to attend, so they sent him to live with his sister, but she was out of town for awhile, so he was on his own. She and her husband are back, so Pete is no longer alone, but he'll always be Lives Alone Pete to us. ANYWAY, the little kid around the corner, Julian, was also over, enjoying playing with the big boys. They were being nice to him and allowing him to play soccer with them and generally just hang out, and he was in heaven. I asked him if I could take his picture (was carrying a camera), he said yes, and I took what I think might be a really awesome photo, due to the extremely awkward pose he struck. I can hardly wait to finish the roll and get it developed. After a few minutes of playing with the boys, Julian knocked at the kitchen window. I opened it, and he said, "Agua......agua..." in a rather dramatic voice. He speaks mostly Spanish, see, but he does know some English. I asked him, "Agua fria o agua....from the faucet?" [my Spanish is so limited]. He gasped out, "Agua...", so I poured him a glass of cold water and handed it out the front door. He drank it as dramatically as he'd requested it--that kid cracks me up. Sharky and the boys ate dinner and then went out wilding to the school up the street to play indoor soccer. Francisco and I didn't do a lot, other than watching some television; it was a typical night.

At the office yesterday we had a more laidback day than we've been having for a couple of weeks, which was nice. There were lots fewer people coming into the office, and my coworkers were more cheerful, since the stress level was lower and all that. My boy coworker had a pizza delivered for his lunch, AT 10:40, and most of the rest of the staff ordered lunch out as well. I didn't, because I had leftover coq au vin that Francisco made the night before, and I doubt I could have ordered anything more delicious. The busyness is on the decline for now, but next Friday should be horrible again, as it's refund day and many things will surely go wrong with that whole process.

This is neither here nor there, but there are a startling number of female students at the university with nose piercings. I don't MIND it, of course, but it's just weird to see so many nose piercings every single day.

Francisco and Sharky are gone for the day--Sharky has a soccer game in Spokane, and Francisco took him and another kid. He was thinking there would be two other kids in the car, which is why I stayed home, but truth be told I don't mind having a day here alone. I'm spending it doing some fall cleaning and organizing, and also listening to birds fly into the windows--a markedly large number of birds. I don't know why that is, or if it's an everyday occurence, but it's definitely weird.

I've got loads more cleaning to do, so I'd best get to it.




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