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It's very hot here today (96), so I decided it's a perfect day to bake brownies in the attic. The only problem is, the attic isn't hot enough yet, so after letting them sit up there for 4 hours, I ended up moving them to my car. Pretty damn hot in the car, I can tell you. I'm going to go out at 4:30 and see if anything bake-y has occurred with the brownie batter. I don't really expect it to bake, but a girl has to try these things in the name of science, right?

We had a good time with my parents last weekend, though we didn't do much. Mostly we just sat around the house, but we went out once for dinner, and once to have lunch and see the Bourne Supremacy. I was afraid my parents wouldn't like that movie, but they did, so all was well. At our lunch before the movie, there was the usual argument over who would pay, and luckily my dad suggested we let Boy think up a number between 1 and 10, and whoever got closest would get to pay. The second he suggested that, I knew I would win, so of course I agreed. Boy said he had a number and my dad guessed 2 and I guessed 3. Of course I won, because I knew Boy would choose 3 and he knew I would guess 3--a perfect symbiotic relationship. He and I were both very pleased at having read each other's minds so well. After the movie (this was on Monday) we went home and I fixed my mom a melonball and myself a green apple martini. My dad had red wine, which my mom and I switched to after our cocktails, and lordy lord, that woman got Drunk! I mean, I was fairly drunk myself, so I shouldn't talk, but it was pretty funny. I'm on the wagon, even as we speak--I need to let my liver rest and regenerate. We're also not eating sugar for awhile, because we had waaay too much of that last weekend, as well. We'll be on the sugar and alcohol wagons for two weeks, minimum.

You know that sweater I made last winter? I've decided I don't like it. I like the yarn and the way the pattern stitch turned out, but I put the sweater on yesterday to refresh my memory about how it fits, and I looked like a Yeti. It is not flattering At All, and I'm not sure what to do with it now. Francisco offered to try it on (it turned out quite large) and see if there's any way he could wear it, but I suspect it's too girly for him. Hopefully not, though, because that would be the perfect solution. I'll try to remember to have him put it on tonight.

Last weekend I was in the office with Francisco (before my parents were ready to be retrieved from their hotel), and Boy's large container of 12-inch, heavily-muscled action figures was sitting in there. I was looking at the action figures, and there were two that seemed to me to belong together, so I posed them like they were hugging and then yelled downstairs to him that two of his guys (he calls them "the guys") are in love. Francisco piped in that they were hugging, and Boy yelled back, "they don't do THAT kind of action!" He's a funny boy.

I haven't done any Scotland updates for awhile, and it's not for a lack of things to say, but because I frequently can't remember who I've told what to, and I feel like I've put everything on my diary, but really I just told other people. One thing I know I haven't mentioned is on the first day, when we were schlepping around Glasgow, I embarrassed Diana by being unable to read my pence (I was so tired I was going blind) and holding out my handful of change to the boy cashiering at the store where I was buying water. He was quite nice about it, possibly out of relief that I wouldn't be pawing through the change and squinting at it anymore, thus taking way too much time and keeping other customers from purchasing anything. It occurred to me today that I should've called him Daddy, for good measure. As in, "help me, Daddy, I can't read my money". Diana's head probably would've exploded, so it's surely best I didn't think of it then. Another thing I don't believe I've mentioned is that one of the hostels we stayed at during our tour had some fuses blow out the first night we were there, which caused the outlets and showers to not work. The showers all had that 'hot water on demand' thing, and those were electric, so you couldn't get even cold water out of the showers without electricity. We'd hiked a bit before we got to that hostel so we were a bit stinky the next day from not showering, but when we got back from hiking that next day, the electricity was back up. I took far too relaxed an attitude toward the electricity, preferring to defer my shower for an hour or two, rather than run and get in line, so naturally the electricity blew out again in an hour or so, before I got a shower. Budgie said we could go next door (to a B&B, which also owned the hostel) and shower, if we got desperate, and the next morning I was definitely desperate. I went over there at 7, and the woman of the house was not pleased to see me, but hello, I had hiked for two days and (warning, TMI) was also entertaining my monthly visitor (how genteel!), so I was prepared to insist on a shower, if need be. Fortunately insisting wasn't necessary and I got my shower. I felt like the Queen of England afterwards, let me tell you, because before the shower? I STUNK. Ah, the hardships of traveling.

I need to go check on those car brownies.


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