knocking it out


Lately a lot of people seem to be telling me I'm a kind person, but I think that's because they don't know how often I want to yell stuff like, "would you LEAVE me the FUCK alone?!" Mostly at work. It was particularly bad yesterday morning when I was interrupted over and over again while desperately trying to accomplish a task so I could move on to task #2 that I was being nagged about by several people. I thought my head would pop off and start flying around my office. Fortunately this did not happen and I did not yell at anyone, but it was touch and go for awhile there.

I had a lovely birthday on Sunday. I got up just before 6:00 and poured coffee and started Persuasion--a "watch now" from Netflix. Esther laid on me for nearly the whole thing, which I loved. After that was over I did some project-y things and some chores, and then for the rest of the afternoon I watched 'Wives and Daughters', also a Netflix Watch Now. It was in four parts so I was able to see some and then do something else and then go back to it, etc. After Francisco got home we ordered my new favorite pizza (buffalo chicken--spicy!) and watched Battlestar and I opened the gift my parents had sent me. Mom said it wasn't my "real" gift, because that one would be arriving late. She crazy. I got the real gift on Monday (Japanese paints and a book of instruction, plus a Sudoku game), along with the meringue ring Francisco ordered (see previous update), a pocketbook from Francisco's mom, and a pair of earrings made of doll arms from the wonderful Jen. I love those earrings so much, and it is just like Jen to do that even when she's dealing with something so huge as her brother's illness. She's the sweetest. Anyway, what with all the nice Facebook messages and the lovely gifts I received, I feel loved and spoiled, so A+++ will have birthday again.

In the past week or so we've been using this soap I bought from the hippy store--it's made in India and is extremely fragrant. We keep saying things like, "The bathroom smells of Eeendjaw!" (trying for a British Colonial type accent), and the other day Francisco was showering and said "My ass smells of Eeendjaw! It's The Black Hole of Calcutta". The soap really is a little too potent, but I'll probably buy it again, just to keep the Eeendjaw thing going. It's the little things, right?

Recently at work I've somehow gained the responsibility of training my newest coworker, and it's excruciating because she's a ridiculously slow learner. She said in her interviews (phone and in person) that she's a fast learner but that was a LIE. I maybe should have picked up on it, what with the way she also stressed how "thorough" she is. She's so thorough she learns each thing 15 times. Probably I was just spoiled by training BroCo who is a genius and who also took notes during training, but MAN. I hope our supervisor gets in the habit again of training this coworker while I'm gone on my vacation, because it is Too Much.

Francisco ordered and just received a new uniform, for winter use. It's a jumpsuit (!) and it doesn't look dorky like you're probably imagining. It's extremely tactical (pockets all over the place) and, frankly, Francisco looks pretty hot in it. Would you like to see photos of him in it, by chance? Oh, I think I heard a Yes. Excellent. Photos will be forthcoming.

I've been quite stressy in the past week/ten days, thinking about all the stuff that needs to get done before we go to Eugene for Thanksgiving and also before we go on our vacation (two days after returning from Thanksgiving) -- it's kind of a lot. But this morning Francisco and I talked about what needs to be done, and he made a list for both of us to work on, which helped immensely. Today I made appointments for two things and plans for a third, and then at lunch I went out and got some Christmas gifts (Christmas shopping is something we need to finish), so I'm feeling a LOT better about everything. We can do it!




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