a healthy baby kitten


This morning I dreamed I was 9 months pregnant and so were my sister and Francisco's sister. We all went into labor at about the same time and they had their babies and I had this huge stomach and could feel the baby shifting around in there and I could tell it was time to push it out. The doctor concurred and I gave one big heave (it's obvious I've never had a baby, yes?) and instead of birthing a baby, I birthed a kitten. And in the dream that wasn't even too weird. I mean, I had expected a baby, since my stomach was enormous, but I wasn't shocked by the kitten. When I think about this dream I am amused by the almost complete lack of symbolism. Other people have babies, and that's normal, but I have cats, and that is also normal. I recall even being a little smug about it, because having a kitten was almost painless whereas my sister and Francisco's sister had to push out big babies and there was suffering. See? Almost zero symbolism.

More later.


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