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Today I:

-- Am making my Summer Burn 2006 disks. I wanted to include so many songs that I'm doing two disk sets. Big surprise, eh?

-- Am applying for a job. Wish me luck!

-- Have visited the Ellensburg Farmers' Market, with Francisco. It's small but fun and it even featured some entertainment:

Tahitian dance

We bought lettuce, bread, tomatoes, snap peas, a basil plant, chips and salsa (ho-made), and Rainier cherries. I took note of the items being sold, and there were no onesies or similar children's items, so I can slide right in and fill that onesies void. Probably I should check and see if I can apply to be a vendor this year or if I missed a deadline and need to wait until next year.

-- Watched the Germany/Sweden World Cup game and will watch Mexico/Argentina later today. I am SO looking forward to that game.

-- Deadheaded the roses in the front, side, and back yards. There is some kind of pest bothering the roses and I don't know what it is, but I need to find out.

-- Posted pictures of the house and yard on Flickr, if you want to see where we live now. There is no obligation and no salesman will call.

Tomorrow we're heading over to Seattle to see Twyla, Sonny, and Lou--I can hardly wait! We'll be attending Twyla and Sonny's soccer game and then they're barbecuing. We got the car back yesterday, with a new radiator, so we need not fear any overheating while driving through the mountains.

Gotta run--lots to do today!

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