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I've been finding it so much easier to get up in the mornings this week, because we finally hooked another lamp (the last one broke and was ugly anyway) up to the sunrise simulator thingy, so my fake sunrise starts at about 4:45. One would not think this would have much of an effect, but one would be dead wrong. This morning I got out of bed after my alarm went off and leapt into action. I did a load of laundry and dusted a little and cleaned both bathrooms, plus did all the cat maintenance stuff I do anyway. Then I drank coffee and arsed about the internets and watched an episode of House Hunters International before getting ready for work. I have to say, that show sometimes really aggravates me, especially when what people are searching for are vacation homes/condos. They'll look at huge places, first of all, and they so often pronounce rooms to be small that I think are a good size or at least big enough for a VACATION home, right? I mean, how often are they really going to be there? When a person looks at a bathroom larger than my bedroom and says "it's a little small", I can't help it; I get annoyed. I judge them and sometimes say ugly things out loud to them. And god help them if they choose any house except the one I have deemed to be the best. Fortunately this morning the couple chose the correct house, and never said any room was too small, so they stayed on my good side. They really dodged a bullet.

Anyway, I digress. Tonight Francisco comes home (yay!) and while he's driving I'm getting a visit from Lou and Baby F--we will have dinner and watch a movie their papa will bring. Their mom will pick them up sometime after 7:00 and she'll be taking with her Tivo Dennis, except she doesn't know that yet. I'll be sort of sorry to part ways with Dennis, but only because I loved him so much; he's been doing fuck all for the past twothree weeks since we got his successor. We still need to name the new Tivo but haven't thought of anything yet.

Last weekend I meant to take some photos of Francisco with his new Official Police School Mustache but I forgot, so I will definitely take some this weekend. He told me last night that yesterday when they were doing defensive tactics stuff he got whacked in the eye, and is it wrong of me to sort of hope he's got a black eye for the pictures? I just think that would be photographically so much better.

Oof, what a day; I am SPENT. I'm going now and on the way home I'll stop at Safeway and get some sushi to scarf and a bag of M-n-Ms to ply the children with should they become restive. Tonight is all about me not having to cut up anything healthy.




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