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I've lived a lie long enough; it's time to make a confession. Recently, whenever I'm driving and am flipping through radio stations, if I happen to come across a Journey song, not only will I listen to it, I will also squeal in delight and sing along. I'm not sure when this started, or why, but the truth of the matter is, I am happy to hear Journey. They were my favorite band for awhile during the teen years, and I guess I'm feeling the nostalgia. I haven't gone out and bought a Best Of cd yet, but it's only a matter of time. Probably I should be ashamed of my confession, but as the inimitable Andreas Novak says, shame is for the weak. I like Journey! It's out in the open now; I feel better already.

We're supposed to get another round of freezing rain tonight and tomorrow, so maybe I'll be staying home from work tomorrow. I'm not worried; I have cunningly saved some of my portable work and will take it home tonight, in case I'm stuck at home tomorrow. And the only reason I would do that is to avoid having to make up a day or take vacation time; I would far rather wallow around with a good book on an icy day, so probably I will do that after the portable work, if I end up staying home. I really hate this weather, I wish it would get warmer. Right. Now.

My friend the puppy is in the office today. He's accidentally bitten me with his needle teeth 4 times, when I've given him his treats. I've been taking one of the treats I bought and dividing it in half--half for the morning and half for the afternoon. I then divide the halves in half, so that they're small enough for his puppy mouth. Hence the 4 times bitten; he hasn't mastered the skill of delicate treat from hand removal. I think I probably smell like dog, but I don't care. This puppy is pure goodness. HA, just now when I was typing that last sentence, he wandered into my office. I snuck him another treat, whole...ssh. Five finger bites and counting.

Someone got to this diary from a search for 'PENIS' earlier today. I just thought you ought to know.

Not a lot to report today. Last night I went home and drank a couple glasses of wine; one of them while watching a computer slideshow Francisco had made of our Amsterdam and France pictures. I loved that so much--Francisco was so great to do that. There's just something about seeing those pictures again, bigger, and with the Amelie soundtrack going in the background that made them really special and cool. Francisco rocks! But perhaps I've mentioned that before. Also last night, we had dinner and then watched Buffy, and I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, it was pretty funny--I like Andrew's character quite a bit. But it did Nothing to advance the plot line, and you can practically See the writers stalling, to postpone the huge, apocalyptic badness that's supposed to come down, until the end of the season. It's not supposed to be that obvious. So I wouldn't call it a good episode, but it had its amusing parts.

Here is a picture Francisco took of me yesterday, when we were walking at lunch:

See how happy I am to be walking? See what a good hair day I had? I love that camera.

Tonight I will go home and be fed a good dinner, and I am looking forward to it. I forgot the key element of my lunch today--the 1/2 cup barbecue baked beans--and had to make do with an apple, a tangerine, and 1 ounce of beef jerky. Perhaps a supermodel would consider this a heavy meal, but me, not so much. Otherwise tonight, it's West Wing, and also my phone date with my friend, Isabel. Should be a good night. I hope you have one too.


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