born in a truck on the fourth of july


The Song of the Day is The Concretes' cover of "Miss You", found at Cool Hand Bak (8/7 entry). Me likey! The song that's not the song of the day but which will not leave my brain is Iron & Wine's "Jesus the Mexican Boy"--I'm so in love with that song right now. You can get it here.

One thing I want to tell you today is that Brandon Bird, the artist behind Husky Ne'er Do-Well is moving (Francisco's sister alerted us to this--she is friends with his sister, or at least I think it's his sister she's friends with) and will be accepting reasonable offers on a few of his unsold paintings, including Husky Ne'er Do-Well [which, if you know me, you know I Love]. I figure this is the Universe's way of poking me with a trident, or something else sharp and pointy, to say, "Hey Stupid! Here's your chance!" Well, Universe, that's all well and good, but could you see your way clear to giving me some money? I would love to make an offer for Husky Ne'er Do-Well but I'm a little afraid that whatever I could afford to offer would be insulting, and that would be Terrible. So, I'll talk to the Universe on my way home, because no one can overhear me in the truck (that thing's so loud I can barely overhear myself), and ask it to send me $400. If I get $400 or the promise of $400 within the next couple of days, then all systems go! Otherwise I'll need to think about it some more. I actually sort of believe I'm going to get the $400, to tell you the truth. I don't know why or how but I think the Universe is going to come through for me this time. I'll let you know what happens.

Yesterday I got a package from my friend, Diana, containing a roll of packing tape with the words "Bianco Pulls Enclosed" printed on it, two slap bracelets (one orange, one white and black), and a whistle thingy. She had been to Archie McPhee (naturally) and picked me up a few things. Wasn't that so nice of her?? I can hardly wait to send out some packages so I can use that tape, and I almost wore one of the bracelets to work this morning but was already really late so I didn't want to stop to cut the plastic wrapping off of the bracelet. Diana, I'm going to email you soon (I swear to DOG) but in the meantime THANK YOU FOR THE BIZARRE PRESENTS! Also, eat shit and die, over.*

My ennui continues but I think it's starting to subside. I have bursts of industriousness that last 30-60 minutes before I lapse back into a vegetative state, so that's progress, right? Tomorrow I'm going to do my very best impression of a really good employee, except that, you know, I'm going to skip the part where I get to work on time. I mean, there's no need to get carried away.


*Diana sent me an email recently to tell me about her trip to Mt. St. Helens [a research trip headed up by a biologist dude] and told me about some funny guys who went this year. Her account of the messing around they did with walkie-talkies ["Ethan, you're ugly." "Eat shit and die, over."] made me laugh. |


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