you can never have too many Jessicas


I went to the health food store during lunch without any specific purchase in mind (except for whole wheat apricot bars, but I was going to pretend that was spur-of-the-moment) and came away with alfalfa seeds, for to make my own sprouts, roasted unsalted sunflower seeds, the "impulse purchase" whole wheat apricot bars, and a whole crapload of dried spearmint. I was stoked to find the spearmint because recently I've become enamored of this ready to drink cold tea; white tea and spearmint flavored. I realized after the second time buying it that I didn't really care about the white tea part of the equation, just the spearmint, and that I should make my own cold spearmint tea, especially since I don't need the sugar that comes in the ready to drink variety. So now I can go home and start a'brewin, and man oh MAN I'm looking forward to that. I like peppermint tea but sometimes a girl needs to change things up, right?

Yoga last night was fun and I MIGHT be making a new friend. Maybe. Her name is Jessica, which comes as no surprise to me due to the plethora of Jessicas I've met in this town, and she seems interesting and nice. At the end of class I asked her to carry me to my bike because I was too relaxed to get up, and she laughed, so she passes the sense of humor test. Next Tuesday I shall talk to her some more and see if I can nonawkwardly invite her to do something--she mentioned last night that she was lonely this summer, so maybe she'd want to give friendship a shot. If she doesn't, I will not be crushed.

Awesome entry, huh? I meant to write more things but ran out of time before I could manufacture them.




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