mice are probably jerks


I am still officially on my little hiatus, but I've decided that what I want to write about here, MOSTLY, is creative pursuits. This will include, but not be limited to, things I make, pictures I take, decorations I mastermind, food I cook, and things I see that are inspirational. I know there will be stuff I write about here that does not fall into this broad Creative Pursuits category, but that will be my main focus. For awhile I've been thinking about what I can do to inspire regular--if not daily--creativity, and I think this could be IT.

Oh, but as far as Other Topics go, this weekend I was thinking about elephants and about the show the Mythbusters did re: elephants and their fear of mice. I forget the exact conclusions they drew, whether they said the myth was proved or just plausible, but the elephants were definitely Wary of the mice, if not actually Scared. So, you know how elephants are said to have long memories? I'm wondering if their wariness of mice is related to a genetic memory of a time when mice were venomous, or in some other way a creature to be feared. Maybe they could fly and had large talons? Or maybe mice used to be hugely dickish, and that's why elephants give them a wide berth. I wish someone could Ask elephants about the mice issue; it's something I would really like to have clarified.

The previous is an example of the kind of thing I will still write about. You have now been fully warned.


PS There's something I'm going to be making that I'm super SUPER excited about. It's not my original idea--just my adaptation of someone else's idea--but I can still hardly wait to get started. WATCH THIS SPACE. Or flee; whichever you prefer. |


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