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There's some guys out in front of our building jackhammering up some of the concrete they poured the week before last. No one knows why, and since my office is in the front of our building, second floor, I get to listen to the jackhammering real loud. I'm not happy, Eddie.

Before the jackhammering started, I was listening to some music I got from Vitaminic; specifically a couple of Italian musicians (B.M.T. and Riccardo Alemanno) that I was quite enjoying. They are on hold for now. That Vitaminic is an amazing site and there is no way I'll ever feel I've heard even 10% of what's on there; the amount of music available is staggering. I downloaded more music today, most of it from Denmark, because I love hearing Danish and can never get enough. I also got some Celtic music and some Argentinian disco electronica. You know, if I can fulfill my month-long dream of being a radio DJ, I will never want for music to play. Thank you, interweb, for providing generous musicians with a place to give their music away to the people. And by the people, I mean me. Woo!

Hey, to those who volunteered to hide a tin for me, thank you!!! After the tins are finished I will contact you for your address if I don't already have it. It may be a few weeks, since I have several other irons in the fire, but I'll definitely be getting back to you, and thank you again. Anyone else who decides they'd like to hide a tin, let me know; the more the better.

The office is so quiet today (on the inside--half the staff is out to various places) and I'm loving it. When the jackhammering stops, it will be lovely.

Unable to think anymore,
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