and to think I almost didn't apply for this job


Things I Like About My New Job:

1) I can wear jeans to work if I feel like it. I haven't yet, but I
think I will next week.

2) The building our office is in always smells like fruit. Yesterday
the hallway smelt of bananas, and the bathroom of coconuts. I think
there's a strategic fruit reserve somewhere on this floor.

3) Once I'm up to speed I will only have to take calls and see walk-ins
for one hour per day. Right now I'm doing these things for zero hours
per day.

4) It being close enough to easily walk to. I can't tell you how much I
love walking to and from work; it makes me incredibly happy.

5) It's only a block away from the best mini-lab in town. I'm just
guessing it's the best, because I've only been to the other one to
purchase film, but I really like it so I proclaim it to be the best. It
certainly has the best employee: there's a Jessica who works there who
is hilarious and who apparently pushed the owner of the place into
selling expired film (instead of sending it back), specifically because
I asked to buy it. Jessica absolutely rules. And when I took my 3 rolls
of film in there recently, during my lunch hour, I was able to pick them
up on my way home from work. Now THAT's service! But I digress.

6) There are all sorts of automated letters I can have sent out as
emails or actual letters and this has already saved me probably a few
hours of writing individual letters/emails to people, which is what I
had to do at my last job. This is an improvement of approximately one
million. One million what, I don't know, but something.

**List to be continued at a later date.**

Yesterday Francisco came over and we went to lunch at a teriyaki type
place. We both got the spicy chicken, which was VERY spicy, but good. A little while later, back at work, I started feeling dizzy, and it lasted until I went to bed. Today for lunch I had a little bit of what was left from yesterday's lunch, and again, I got dizzy. Is this an MSG thing, maybe? If so it's kind of bizarre that I got to the advanced age of 38 before suddenly having a problem with it, but at any rate, I won't be eating lunch at that place again.

Twyla and the girls are coming over tomorrow to go to the fair and stay
the night; I can hardly wait to see them. Tonight we went to the Goodwill and I got a fake fur coat--not the same one I saw last weekend, but a better one. Francisco got a coat and a jacket; it's going to get cold here soon. Sometime this weekend we're going to go see Little Miss Sunshine, which has FINALLY made it to a theater in our town; this is v. exciting. Also this weekend I need to do some boring financial-type paperwork, for consolidating my retirement accounts together--I have three from prior jobs, and that is a terrible thing for me, mentally. There's just no way I can even Think about keeping track of 3 retirement accounts; I feel once they're joined as one into holy matrimony, I'll be able to keep on top of them a lot better. Of course, now I'm getting a whole other one, from this current job, but at least it will be with the same company as where I'm consolidating. I've been putting the paperwork off for a couple of weeks, and it's starting to weigh on me, so I need to just get it over with already. It will probably, like 99% of the things I procrastinate, be no big deal and won't take very long at all to do. I apologize for the dullness of this paragraph.

Songs of the Day:

Talib Kweli -- Get By, at Pop Zeus!.

Lily Allen -- Smile, at Rock 'n Roll Star.

Have a great weekend!!

PS Did you notice how I've updated 3 times this week? That's because I've been writing my entries at work, on email, emailing them home, and posting them from there. A girl's got to get around the internet ban somehow. |


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