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I don't have a lot to tell, but I'm writing anyway so I can get that last entry off the front page. Yesterday we went for a hike and it was such a nice day. While hiking we took some pictures and looked at things through a magnifying glass and then went home where we all spent much of the day reading. In the evening Francisco and I watched Happy Gilmore (from Tivo) while Boy played on the computer and avoided doing his laundry. I had The Migraine off and on yesterday, but mostly off, so that was good, and it's pretty much gone now. I read the latest Janet Evanovich book and started a collection of short stories by Ring Lardner. I had never read him before, and so far I like his stories, but they hurt me because the characters and their foibles are so real as to be painful. I also browsed through a collection of Pablo Neruda's poems and I like them except I find it difficult to get through all of his odes. Ode to an Artichoke, Ode to My Socks, Ode to a Tomato (none of these are made up), etc, etc. I think it's great he was so inspired with his poems and was so prolific, but the Odes are giving me a touch of cramp. I will read them anyway; it just might take me a little while. Another reason I like his poetry is because the book has the Spanish and English side by side, so I'm able to forward my quest to relearn Spanish, while reading beautiful poetry. Perfect.

Movies seen recently: Lost in Translation -- so, so, so, so good. Eight thumbs up, and this is a movie I need to buy so I can see it over and over. Bowling for Columbine -- good, but not sure if Michael Moore was trying to make a specific point or just presenting information to let viewers draw their own conclusions, because the conclusion I drew was that the issue was so complex as to make it impossible to point at any one thing or combination of things as the root of American violence. At any rate, good and thought-provoking. A Walk on the Moon -- I remember hearing almost nothing about this when it was released (though this could be my own fault, I don't know), which is too bad because it was a good story and the characters were very real. Whoever cast the movie was a genius; there was a lot of good acting, and I could understand Pearl's reasons for wanting an affair with the blouse man. I don't have much to say about Happy Gilmore, except that there were some funny moments and the hockey part at the beginning made me want to see Slap Shot again, because That movie kicked ass.

Yesterday I made a list of the foods and beverages I do not like. I present this list to you, for your perusal:

1) liver (tastes like a nosebleed)

2) whiskey (though bourbon is occasionally acceptable, especially when paired with lemonade)

3) tripe

4) lamb

5) intestines (I know I don't like them because of that "sausage" I had a bite of in France, that was made of intestine stuffed with tripe. see also #3)

6) tea (real tea, not herbal. if the tea is flavored or spiced so that the tea taste is covered up, then okay, but otherwise no thanks)

7) beets (taste like dirt)

8) celery (cooked is okay, and I like celery seeds, but raw celery grosses me out on many levels)

That's all I know about, and I think that disliking only 8 things out of the hundreds of things there are to dislike isn't too shabby. I'm a very easy dinner guest; invite me over any time.


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