it's the hypothetical iPod's fault


Hello Fall--you're finally here! I know the weather will probably do that funny little trick where it warms up again for a day or two, just so it can say "gotcha!" at us, but I won't be tricked, because Fall, she is definitely here. The way I know she's really, truly here is because I suddenly have the desire to do huge projects in the house, and Francisco feels the same way. Last weekend we decided to get ourselves an iPod for xmas, right? So we're getting the iPod soon, and we were talking about how it's so much better to have music in mp3 form, and that led to us deciding to move the upstairs computer downstairs and put all our music on it. We decided that we would do that next weekend, and also that we would move our treadmill into the crawl space, because I forgot to mention it last week, but when I tried to use it on Thursday, the walk-y belt thing wouldn't go. Francisco looked at it and tried to figure out what's wrong with it, but he couldn't, and we don't know who to get to fix it, but since we're going to the gym again we don't really Need it right now, so we'll store it downstairs and fix it at a later date. And see, that means we can move the furniture again! The treadmill put a lot of limits on what could be moved where, because it was big and had to have room to fold out. So we've been mentally moving stuff around, and when I called Francisco this afternoon to say hi, he asked me how I'd feel about getting rid of Raoul (the entertainment center). And I like Raoul, but we've had him a long time and he's huge and heavy and limits our room arrangement also, so I said sure, let's get rid of him. We then talked about how to rearrange things and then I said (testingly--thinking he would never go for it), "How about if we paint the living room while we're at it". And Francisco? Said okay. Because the living room walls don't look that great anymore (a bit banged up) and we'd need to repaint before trying to sell the house anyway. He also said said we should paint the ceiling (true) and I said we should paint the stairwell, and he said we should. And I'm thinking, this is going to be a huge amount of work, though fabulous when it's done, but really this all started when we decided to get an iPod, and that seems a little ridiculous.


get cd books
get nice storage boxes
off-load Raoul
store treadmill downstairs
get paint and supplies
plastic sheets
extend-y roller
paint walls, ceiling, stairwell, baseboards
find some weirdo who wants all our cd cases [are YOU that weirdo?]
re-appropriate lockers
finally pry open those two that are locked
off-load stereo
move and rewire everything
move computer and computer desk downstairs (after painting)
move furniture around
make new curtains

I already know this living room thing is going to spawn other projects in other rooms, though no projects as huge as the living room one. The bathroom, kitchen, and our bedroom closet need to be on alert, for things will be happening in there, for sure. Mostly organizing and rearranging--no painting, for now.

Yesterday I learned to knit with a bunch of little sticks--double pointed needles, to be precise. I knitted most of a hat yesterday, and it was fun! Socks, here I come. I need to make my scarf exchange scarf first, though.

On Saturday we took Boy and his friend to the movies; they saw Friday Night Lights and we saw Shaun of the Dead. We saw by far the better movie, I'm sure, because Shaun of the Dead was so fucking brilliant I can't even tell you. You'd think a zombie romantic comedy would fall short either in the zombie genre or the romantic comedy genre, but I really think they did justice to both things quite well. It was gory, but hilarious. Fifteen thumbs up--please go see this movie; you won't be sorry.

It's my mom's birthday today! I won't say how old she is, for she would kill me, but trust me when I say she is OLD*. I'll be calling her in a few hours, but in case she reads this before I call, Happy Birthday Mom!!


* No, she's not that old.
*Actually, she is.
*YES. |


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