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Hey Internet,

What I would like to tell you is that my interview on Monday went pretty well. It was actually two interviews; the first with the hiring committee, and the second with the office boss and one of the secondary bosses. The committee interview went pretty well, but not perfectly. There are 5 people on the committee, and that was about 2 too many for my comfort. Also, one of the members didn't seem to like me, based on her sour facial expression (possibly as a result of my somewhat disastrous phone interview), and that knocked me off my game a tiny bit. Still, it went okay.

The interview with the boss and secondary boss went Swimmingly, though, so I felt good when I left, and I met pretty much everyone in the office and they were all great. So I would like to be hired for that job, and when I left I felt like the job would definitely be mine, but of course now I'm having doubts, because that's the way my mind works. They had two more interviews to do this week and said I would hear back from them next week about the job, so I'll know for sure one way or the other pretty soon. Logically, it would make sense for them to hire me, because I'm probably the only candidate with prior experience in the field, and I think all the people I met in the office liked me well enough, but who KNOWS why people make the decisions they do? I'm not counting on being their hiring choice, but I am hoping for it.

Enough about that. Other than the interview, the week has been pretty uneventful. It's still hot here (but cooling down a few degrees each day, thankfully), so mostly we've been trying not to exert ourselves too much. Yesterday Francisco and I went for a hike that was not too pleasant, as it was on non-maintained roads (instead of trails), and it was hot, of course, and I was feeling low-energy. I called an early halt to the hike and we came home. I don't like to wimp out like that, but I recognized I was going to get more and more cranky the longer I was out there, and wimping out seemed preferable. We did pretty much nothing for the rest of the day.

On Tuesday we went to Yakima so Sharky could buy a video game he wanted, and I picked up some presents for my pop, because I owe him for his birthday and Father's Day (we had just moved and I didn't have it together enough to send things). We're going to see my parents this weekend--YAY!. We're driving down early Saturday morning, spending the night, and driving back Sunday afternoon. Short visit, I know, but we're leaving Sharky with them for a couple of weeks, so they will be thoroughly visited by one of us, at least, and I want to be home on Monday in case I get a call about the job. They're going to bring Shark home at the end of the two weeks, so we get to spend more time with them soon.

I wish I could think of more to tell you. I've become pretty boring as of late, but maybe once I have a job and am, you know, LEAVING THE HOUSE on a regular basis, I'll have more to report.

I think I'll go make some hummus.

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