well That was fast


We have a house. It's one of the ones we looked at on Friday night and it sort of caused us to question our identity, because we were POSITIVE we wanted an old house with all the old house charm and style, but when we saw this particular house (built in 2004), it was so comfortable and big and not in need of work that we kind of loved it immediately. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, a parlor (a la Catie), a dining region (not a whole dining room, but big enough), big kitchen, tv room, laundry room, 2 car garage, and a big yard, complete with large stone patio. Something unusual about the yard is that even though the house is on city utilities, there's a well that can be used for irrigating the yard, and that will come in handy for all the food we're going to grow back there. I know we'll want to repaint all the rooms, but we don't intend to do that before we move in, because the existing color is neutral enough to be livable for the time being; we're just going to clean the carpets and put our stuff in there and start doing things in the yard. We'll plant some fruit trees, first thing (there's already a pear tree back there, laden with fruit that will probably be all gone when we move in), and make big design plans for where all the raised beds and etc will go.

We saw the house again yesterday and that confirmed for us that we wanted to buy it, so we wrote an offer and they accepted it, badda boom, badda bing--the closing date will be September 10. We'll have to wait until the 14th to move most of our stuff in, because Francisco's days off will be Fridays and Saturdays, starting next week, but we can move some things in the evenings after work between the 10th and 14th. Twyla and Sonny are probably going to rent the house we're in now, so they'll want to move that weekend as well, and in short, that will be a busy weekend for everybody. The End.

Francisco did a graveyard shift last night as a reserve deputy, up near Easton where the big fire is. I didn't love for him to be out there all night, and I didn't sleep all that well but that was partly due to the cats hogging the bed. It's a king bed but they had to sleep right up against me so that I ended up with about 1 foot of sleeping space--how is this fair? In the middle of the night I heard Lucy growl at something, and hiss, and since she was plastered against me I could feel her body stiffen in tenseness at the same time. I fumbled for the light in a panicky fashion because I thought she was growling at an intruder, but when the light was on I saw she and Esther were sleeping ass to ass and Esther had done something to offend her. Oy, these cats.

I could talk endlessly and boringly about all the things I like about the house and how excited I am to move, but I figure what I should do is stretch that information out over time. I will also take loads of pictures of the house once we take possession, and will inflict those upon you mercilessly. My sweet kittycats, you have so much to look forward to.

Listen, if you don't already read Sidewaysrain's diary, you should start. She very recently flew to Australia to work for several months (until end of December, I think) and I am riveted by her stories about Sidney and finding her way around and etc. Riveted, I tell you! And just a wee bit jealous.

Now I shall finish the pot of coffee I made, for I am tired and in need of succor. Have a great Sunday.




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