crushed by error


So, okay, I was very excited to get clear contact lenses. It was with joy that I took the lens case out of the packaging this morning in preparation for putting them in my eyes, so it's not overstating things to say that when I opened the right lens holder and saw a blue tinted lens, I was Crushed. I gasped in shock and horror (I have PMS right now--everything is larger than life) and said "OH. NO. NO!!" before storming to the living room to show Francisco the hated blue lens. I say with burning shame that I made way too big a deal out of the blue lens debacle this morning, before getting ahold of myself and becoming an adult again. And of Course all my angst was for nothing. I was thinking that maybe the contact lens doctor had found out that the lenses could not be ordered in clear, after she told me they could, but it turns out the blue were ordered by mistake. I talked to her on the phone this morning and she said she could reorder them in clear, but she told me that everyone she's ordered them for in the past has returned them because they are too hard to see (in the case and when they're being cleaned). She told me that the lenses also come in "ice blue", which are light enough that they don't change the color of the eye. I'm skeptical about that, because my eyes are very light, but I agreed to let her order the ice blue with the option to get clear later if they change my eye color. So I guess it'll take another week to get the new lenses, but it's not like my current lenses are painful or anything, so whatever. I took the blue lenses back today at lunch and then shimmied on over to the Whole Foods, where I purchased cherry flavored seltzer water (I love flavored seltzer), lemon-ginger tea, and some kind of excellent spicy eggplant to supplement my open-faced sandwich and cherries. Speaking of the open-faced sandwich, did you know you can buy cheddar cheese with horseradish in it? I didn't know that until Francisco bought some yesterday, and let me tell you, it is very horseradishy. Just the thing to go with roast beef.

Someone visited this diary early this morning via a google search for "erotic dental hygienist". I just don't know what people are up to nowadays. Can you imagine that guy at the dentist? Eyes darting around while his teeth are scraped and cleaned? Really enjoying that thing that sucks out his saliva? Taking the paper bib home as a souvenir? People are so odd.

Francisco has been cutting the tiles for Boy's bathroom counter today--he plans to mastic them to the counter tonight. When the counter is done I will paint the vanity and it will [hopefully] be lovely. I hope Boy likes his new bathroom, because I'm really excited for him to see it. He'll be so surprised!

Wow it's hot here lately. I always forget how oppressively hot it gets here in the summer, until it's actually oppressively hot. My office building is so air conditioned that it feels pretty good outside after work, for the one minute it takes before I start sweating, and then not so much with the feeling good.

And in the What Were We Thinking category, last weekend we bought a new futon cover--it's black. Our cats are mainly white, so you can see the problem, I'm sure. We're going through a lot of those rolly-sticky thing replacements, but the cover Does look nice and it's washable, unlike the other one. I plan to make some bright-colored pillows for it, to cheerful it up a little, but with my sewing track record, the pillows will be done in approximately 2007.

We have almost-ripe tomatoes on our two potted tomato plants! I know this isn't Big News but I love homegrown tomatoes, so I'm excited to have them. I think I'll slice them thin, slice some cucumbers thin, and drizzle both with balsamic vinaigrette, a la an appetizer I had in Bar Harbor. And maybe I'll add some fresh basil leaves, because our two basil plants are going crazy and need to be harvested a bit. I love eating stuff we grow ourselves; it feels so Little House on the Prairie.

Gotta go--I leave here in an hour and I didn't get enough done earlier today.


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