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Do you know that newish Missy Elliott song, 'Lose Control', and have you, by chance, seen the video? If yes, you know the part sort of near the beginning where she and 3 others are dancing while wearing white shirts and khaki pants--the dancing which involves arms and legs flying all over the place? The weekend before last I was alone in the house, and I was watching MTV videos Dennis had recorded for us (as a suggestion, not by our request), and I decided to watch that dancing part in slo-mo to see if I could figure out what they were doing with their feet. I totally figured it out and it's not complicated at all, so I put on my new running bra [a Must] and tried it. In slo-mo it was no problem, but when I played the video at normal speed and tried to follow along, I twisted my ankle and fell down. Proceed with caution, friends, should you ever get the yen to try and do that crazy-legged dance, because there's no telling what could happen. It's probably best left to the professionals.

Esther's doing her crazy coughing thing again; she started up a couple of days ago with occasional coughing, but last night she began coughing in earnest. It was a long night, let me tell you, and that cat has uncanny timing. She would cough and one or the other of us would give her the white inhaler (the one to open up her bronchii), and then we'd all settle down again, and just as I was dropping off to sleep--just as I was about to cross over into blissful unconsciousness--the coughing would start up again. Not good for either of us. Francisco called the vet this morning and she prepared The Holy Antibiotic. Francisco picked it up this morning and has given Esther the first one--she'll get two per day for two weeks. One good thing is Esther went 3 months between episodes this time instead of the two months she'd been averaging for the past half year. This is progress, I think, and it's probably due to switching her to an inhalant steroid (the orange one) instead of the ingested steroid. She's such a sweet cat and I feel horrible today because I got really frustrated with her this morning before my shower. She coughed (again) and it had been several hours since her last white inhaler treatment, so I was trying to give her to her but she kept jerking her head away. I talked to her in a mean voice and shook her a little (not hard, but roughly) and then of course I felt like the shittiest person alive, because I totally was. I combed her after my shower and told her (a million times) that I was extremely sorry, and she forgave me (because she is a saint in cat form), but still. What a complete asshole I am.

That ties in with how I've been thinking lately that I need to be more careful in the way I act, because I already have more regrets than I could ever count, but every time I act like a jerk I add another regret to the pile. The last thing I need is another thing to feel bad about, considering that I am all the time remembering something stupid or crappy I did in the past, and cringing and feeling bad about it all over again. And what good does That do? It makes me think of when Francisco and I saw Swingers, because there's that part where the main character keeps calling this woman he just met and leaving message after message on her answering machine, and people in the movie audience with us started yelling out, "NO! Don't do it!" when he'd start dialing yet Again. Dwelling on all the rotten, cringeworthy things I've done in my past is a lot like yelling, "Don't do it!", at a movie screen, because it's not like the movie, or the past, is going to change--both are printed and in the can. So I am resolved to use a lot more care from here on out; watch me go!

Sharky had his 9th grade orientation today, and school officially starts the day after tomorrow. It hasn't entirely sunk for me in that he's in high school now, but during those moments that I can almost comprehend it, it makes me sick. Apparently the orientation went well; the only disappointing thing is he was unable to switch from French to Spanish. He had signed up for French (because he studied it last year) but we asked him how he'd feel about changing to Spanish, since 1) It will be much, Much more useful to him in his life, and 2) Francisco is now determined to learn Spanish along with me, and if Sharky could take it in school, we'd all be learning at the same time, and that would be cool. Sharky wanted to switch, but it turned out the class filled up and he, as a freshman, was lower priority for getting in, so I guess he can start taking Spanish in his sophomore year instead.

Tomorrow I get my hair cut, and this is a good, good thing, especially since it needed to be cut about 3 weeks ago. I don't know what's wrong with me that I'd rather live with bad hair than pick up the phone and ask a disembodied voice for an appointment, but that's a problem for me; I hate to ask people for appointments. I need to go in for my annual exam, but every time it occurs to me to call for a doctor appointment, my brain is all, "Nononononono--look over there; is that a rabbit?!" I won't go so far as to declare that I have a phone phobia, but it's an aversion for sure.

Tivo Dennis is recording a soccer game tonight--Real Madrid vs. some of the U.S.'s Major League Soccer players. I hope Real Madrid ruthlessly crushes and humiliates them; I am not fond of MLS, as you may know, except for the Chivas USA. Also, that game from last Sunday, the Pumas vs. San Luis game that was supposed to decide once and for all who my official Liga Mexicana team is? They tied, 0 - 0. So now what, Universe? I'm sorely tempted to jettison them both and make the Toluca Diablos Rojos my team. San Luis fouls too much [including, but not limited to, titty twisters] and the Pumas, while good players, have the worst hair en la Liga, in my opinion. But then, who I am to talk about bad hair? Nobody, that's who. I really do like Toluca, though, and their stadium appeals to me--it's not very nice. Plus, they're the best I've seen so far when it comes to stealing the ball without fouling--they must practice that a Lot, because they can just snatch it away, easy breezy beautiful.

And now I've got work to do, sugars.

PS Max and I have been talking more about the movie we want to write, and I hope we're actually going to go through with it, because I think it would be Fantastic. And given that so many new movies nowadays are knockoffs of old tv shows or remakes of previous movies, I would think this movie idea could have an actual good shot at selling, if we could figure out who to pitch it to. The plot of the movie is all Max's idea, so it's very nice of her to let me help write it. Now if we can just get Leslie Hall to co-star, the thing would practically write and film itself. |


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