no sense of humor


This morning a couple people from the mental health center came over to hand out business cards (so we could refer students to them, if need be)and to meet everyone in the office. They said something about a lot of students coming to see them with financial problems (not to get money, but for coping with it) and that they wanted to come meet us. I said something like, "well, as you can see, we don't have horns", and they were, like, so serious after I said that, and assured me they didn't think we had horns. I was all, "Uh huh; I was just joking", and then they sort of gave a courtesy laugh. Wow. After they moved on, I told my favorite student worker to please remind me, on a regular basis, that I am not funny, because obviously I tend to forget that, but he said they did the same kind of thing with everyone here who made a joking remark. Thank dog it's not just me. Note to self, though: No joking with people from the mental health center.

Today I heard a cover of The Monkees 'Take a Giant Step', and I would never have thought I'd say this, but the original was better. Yikes.

On my way home from work yesterday I saw something I judged to be Polaroid worthy, so I snapped the picture on my way to work today:

okay, okay, jeez

I took the picture and beetled off as quickly as possible, because I suspected anyone who would put that sign up might take umbrage to someone taking a picture of it. Luckily that suspicion wasn't put to the test.

It rained quite a lot today, and that's the first big rain we've had. The day we unloaded the truck, it sprinkled the merest bit, and one time since then it rained while we were asleep. This is not a raining kind of place, and I don't mind that at all.

Dishes to wash.



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