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2:05 pm, my phone rings--

Me: Just a minute, just a minute....Hello?
Francisco: I just had a rather disturbing experience.
Me: Does it have to do with poop?
Francisco: No, but it IS excretory in nature; I just pissed on a hummingbird.
Me: Is it okay??
Francisco: Yeah, it's fine. I was peeing off the deck and this hummingbird, perhaps attracted to the glittering stream of my urine, zipped over and frolicked around the urine for a few seconds and then flew away.
Me: He realized his colossal mistake.
Francisco: I assume so.
Me: You realize I'm taking all this down for posting in my diary later, right?
Francisco: I figured as much.

Man, I hope Francisco NEVER stops calling me at work, EVER. He provides practically all the good content on this diary nowadays. Though just so you're aware, I'm going to be working to recapture the magic of the early years--you have my word.

You know, during April (the hardest month at my job, for any new visitors) I always think I'm so hardbitten and nonsentimental, but then something comes along to prove I'm just a big sap after all. Case in point, I made some changes this morning for a dad who emailed an appeal, and emailed him the news that his daughter was going to get loads more grant aid. He emailed back about an hour later to say it's midnight in Taiwan (where he is), but he just woke his wife up to tell her the good news. He said they're so excited to tell their daughter they can afford to send her here after all, when she wakes up in the morning, and damn it, when I started envisioning the scene over there, I started to get a bit teary eyed. SUCH A TOTAL SAP.

This morning I dreamt I got into an argument with Lindsay Lohan because she was carrying a little kitten around in her purse and was feeding it ice cream as its only nourishment. I told her the kitten shouldn't have ice cream and she told me to mind my own damn business, because the kitten liked the ice cream and she would feed it what she wanted to feed it. I said she was going to make the poor thing sick and she insulted me in ways I cannot remember now, but then I ended up apologizing for being judgemental. When I was remembering the dream this morning, as I was showering, I was annoyed at my dream self for apologizing, since she was clearly wrong for feeding the kitten ice cream, and all kittens need my personal protection. Lindsay Lohan, I'm watching you, and you'd best not start using kittens as accessories or you'll have me to contend with.

Sharky got a new cast yesterday--black this time--and it has to be on for two weeks. His pinky and ring fingers are still bent down and enclosed in the cast, but apparently this is because the break occurred on the "growth plate" (whatever the hell that is) on the side of his hand, and if it healed wrong it could cause him problems his whole life. Trust that boy to choose the worst finger/location to break. He said that his hand smelled horrific when they took the cast off, and he got to wash it, but he said the cast seemed to be eating away at his skin. I assume when the cast comes off for good he'll have to do some major exfoliating. I'll offer him a manicure and see what he says--the kid is so quick-witted that it's super fun to say stuff to him for the purpose of eliciting a sarcastic response. This is why I continue to suggest "Male Nurse" as a career choice.

It's been a long day, what with interviewing a couple of candidates for my position, and etc. I'm going home to a delicious Thai basil chili chicken (we went to Asia Market last Sunday, got more of that basil chili paste) and a glass of red wine; it is the friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Or something.

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