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You know, I totally forgot to talk about last week's Survivor, and I need to, because that reward challenge was, hands down, my favorite Survivor challenge EVER. Ruby, one of the AtomicFriends, kindly hooked us up with some screen captures of the challenge yesterday, and if you want to see them, they are here. That link should take you to page 37, where the pictures start, and they go through maybe page 43 or so. Be sure to look at page 41, because I think my favorite pictures are on there. What's so good about them, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. Bare chested men hugging! The challenge (for those who did not see the episode) involved each of the teams lining up on a skinny board, after which they had to, one at a time, make their way from one end of the board to the other, passing each other. The person who was making his/her way down could only touch one person at a time, and to properly keep their balance, they basically had to hug onto the people they were passing. NATURALLY the women won this challenge. I think the men had only gotten two guys all the way through by the time the women were finished, because they kept falling off, due to their awkwardness with the touching. But oh, my friends. It was Hott. Go look at the pictures and you'll see what I mean.

This morning Francisco went to the gym and I stayed home and used the treadmill. When I was finished I made some coffee and purposely did Not give Esther and Lucy their tuna, because Francisco usually does that, and I like them to associate him with their morning treat. When he got home from the gym, Esther greeted him at the door and meowed, so he went in to do his duty, except all their little tuna plates were dirty. So what did he use instead? Cocktail glasses. Francisco said they were having martunas.

Our office is interviewing people again, for a counselor position opening up next month, and today we interviewed a guy I really liked. He's kind of a big weirdo, but in a good way, and I'm glad that everyone else who met him likes him as well, because that means he has a good chance. He's a part-time yoga instructor, so maybe we could have yoga classes during lunch some days when we're all stressed (in the spring), since the Ten Minute Rave never really got off the ground (we'll try it again; I'm not ready to give up on the Ten Minute Rave). I hope our boss doesn't have any applicants he likes better than today's guy, because I think he'd be great in the job, as well as being easy to get along with.

That's all the time I have to write for now. Have a great night,
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