hot weekend


Last week I entirely forgot to tell you about the Dachshund parade we went to on the 21st. I neglected to take a camera with me so I have no photos of the event, but let me tell you, there were some excellent costumes. I think my favorite was the little dachshund Captain Jack Sparrow, being wheeled around in a wagon made to resemble a ship. I don't know how many dachshunds were there, exactly, but I think there must have been at least 100. It sort of made me want one, for the costuming possibilities alone, but I will resist that temptation. Next year I'll be sure to take some pictures so you can see how much fun it is.

Saturday morning Francisco and I got up and took an 8-ish mile bike ride. As we were nearing our house, at the end of our ride, I suddenly remembered I had a haircut appointment at 9:30. I had to rush through a shower and out the door, but I made it and my hair is cut very much like the first time I went there, which I like. However, the girl did the intense hair straightening session and then put something on it that would keep it straight, and that drove me crazy until the next day when I washed it and it went back to normal. I sort of wanted to tell her not to straighten it, but that would have involved saying NO when I want to be saying YES. So I endured it.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning and afternoon Francisco and I worked on house projects. He built some shelves in the garage (from flatpack garage shelving) and some shelves in the shed (from scratch) and reorganized the shed and garage a bit, which makes it much better. We want to do more reorganizing in both places so that we maximize our garage space, for exercising purposes (the treadmill's still in there, and the weight bench) and for project workspace purposes. I staked the tomato plants and did laundry and moved all my craft stuff from the bedroom up to my new worktable, and I am so happy I did that, but it took a lot of mental energy. It was also super super hot this weekend (in the 100's) and the upstairs room was, of course, the hottest place in the house. There was much sweating and whining and drinking of cold peppermint tea (my super hot weather beverage of choice). While I was weeding through all my stuff, I found a bracelet my sister made for me years and years ago, with plastic beads that spell "I love my sister". I am wearing it today; it totally pays to reorganize things and find lost treasures.

Also this weekend I finished and burned my summer burn cds and put them together with the song listing and artwork and etc. Francisco mailed them for me today, and one of them went to Queensland, Australia, which pleases me. Now I can relax and wait for my return cds to arrive. I didn't send any little presents with my cds this year, but only because I didn't want to shop for them. See also: very hot weather.

Sunday night we escaped the heat by taking Lou to see Kung Fu Panda. She was supposed to go with a friend but the friend backed out, and Lou's parents were busy cleaning their rental house that they've moved out of and couldn't take her. I sort of wanted to lay on the couch all night but I'm glad we went to the movie because it was fun and I enjoyed Lou's company. That kid is getting really good. But speaking of good, Frannie declared on Sunday that when she gets big she wants to be a truck driver. I can hardly wait to see what she ends up doing in her life, because I think it's going to be amazing.

Tomorrow is Francisco's first day in Police. He has to go to the west side to take the Physical Agility Test tomorrow, and then on Thursday has to go back to Yakima for a treadmill stress test. Otherwise he's not sure what they'll have him doing for the two weeks before he goes to sleepaway police school, but hopefully he'll be working bankers' hours until then so I can get evenings with him.

In closing, Internet, because I know you care so very much, congratulations to Spain, 2008 Euro Champions! You totally deserve the title, Spain; you played beautifully. This is especially true of Fernando Torres, Francisco's super secret soccer boyfriend. But, you know, team effort and alla that.




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