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This morning I had an appointment with a freshman I'd never met before, and when he left I was thinking that I should defer all appointments with hot boys until Friday of every week, because it would make Fridays even better. The kid was hot, by the way--you probably already inferred that. He was most likely born during the year I graduated from high school, like most of the freshmen, and though this makes me feel old, it also makes me feel a good way.

This is another excellent site where you can download music for free, and actually, I think it might be the best site I've found so far. I feel a bit ignorant, though, because they have a genre listed called 'Math Rock', and holy crap, I had no idea there was such a thing. I am out of touch, but trying to remedy that.

Jon Stewart's book is even funnier than I thought it was going to be--it's freaking Brilliant. If you know someone who loves The Daily Show, buy them the book for Christmas; they will be very grateful. I cannot get the words "constitutional robocracy" out of my head; it is on a constant loop.

Francisco and I had a conversation this morning on the way to work that I cannot for the life of me fully remember. It concluded with the following:

Francisco: Right, because that would be like making a mink wear a fur coat.
Me: Hahaha, yeah, exactly; a mink in a fur coat. Though that would be aDORable.

I wish I could remember what we were talking about in the first place, and what we were comparing to a mink wearing a fur coat. It's completely gone from my brain, but I'll bet it was a damn astute observation of some kind. Let's just say that.

This weekend Francisco and I intend to have a date, sans The Boy, but other than that, no plans so far. I would like to start Francisco's sweater, and of course I have various chores to do, so I know I'll have no problem filling my time.

Francisco just called to say he's gotten the three of us tickets to see David Sedaris when he's here on October 22. I am VERY EXCITED! We saw him when he was here a couple of years ago, and he was very entertaining. Boy didn't go with us last time, but he's going this time, and he's going to Love it (based on how much he loved the Sedaris play, The Santaland Diaries, we took him to a couple years ago). Oh man, I can hardly wait.

I'm leaving a bit early today, and I've got things to finish, so bye for now.
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