hot back, iron stomach


Something I like about myself is how hot my lower back is. And when I say hot, I mean temperature hot. It pleases me because Chinese medicine asserts that the hotter your lower back is, the healthier you are, and I want to be as healthy as possible. Another thing I like about myself is how rock solid my stomach is. I can eat or drink just about anything and have no digestive problems whatsoever, excepting some very oily sorts of foods. There was a Thai place we used to go to in Pasadena that had really excellent Pad Thai, but it never, ever agreed with me [or at least, it didn't agree with me for very long, if you know what I mean]. I got it anyway, though; it was just that good.

It's been a really long and arduous day and I don't have anything to report except how tired I am and how much I'm looking forward to going home in a few minutes. Therefore this seems like the perfect time to list some of my favorite things.

Carolina barbecue
Old Speckled Hen (beer)
daydreaming about traveling
Terms of Endearment (no YOU shut up)
Stephen King's 'The Stand' (see above)
white xmas lights, all year round
the dried buddha hand (citron) that I have on my desk--it looks like a squid
Refresh tears eye drops (they have saved my bacon more than once)
when Esther purrs while I'm gassing her with an inhaler
Lucy's and my nightly 'cuddle head' time
the tiny wood box Sharky gave me several years ago that has a fake ladybug inside it (?) and a sticker that says 'I love you'
putting on pajamas the second I get home
how much fun Francisco and I have together, even just doing mundane stuff (#1)

I could make that a much longer list, but I'm running out of time, and besides, some people despise lists and I don't want to cause too much pain to others--I've done enough of that today already.

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