I'm hooked on a feeling


We went out to breakfast this morning (had the great omelette that I had last weekend) and then to Target, where we bought a cartload of good stuff. Most of it was stuff we needed but we also bought some sateen sheets (from the Swell collection) and two red fake fur pillows. We love these pillows and Francisco was so inspired by them that he decided to rearrange the furniture in the living room. He comes from furniture arrangers--his mom is all the time moving stuff around--and I don't but I've converted to the way of the furniture mover, in much the same way as I converted to butter when we got married. My parents are magarine people. Anyway, one thing we moved was the lockers, which are the heaviest thing in the living room, but the agony was worth it because they look good where they are now.

Yesterday I went into a frenzy of working and got all the house cleaning and etc done by 3:00, as well as getting crushed at Risk. Boy had a friend over yesterday evening so Francisco and I huddled in our bedroom and watched a not very good movie that had Jude Law in it. Jude Law's beauty makes any movie more watchable--mraoww.

That's all I have to say for now except that I'm considering investing in a cow, because Boy is drinking so much milk it would make more sense to have him suck it directly from an udder.

I've found a lot of things so far to take to the Goodwill, and I love it. I Love getting rid of things; it makes me feel lighter, freer. I'm going to go continue purging the place.



PS This morning I dreamt I was teaching a class with Andreas Novak, and I woke up laughing. That man is 7 pounds of funny in a 5 pound bag. |


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