a lesser known Grimm's fairy tale


Gather round, children, and let Auntie Eva tell you a story. This is about the day (today) when she and Francisco located [dramatic music] THE SECRET BATHROOM OF HONOKA'A. Eva and Francisco were passing through Honoka'a on their way to the Waipi'o Valley, and they both decided they needed to pee. They stopped at a grocery store, intending to buy something in exchange for using the facilities, but there was a sign that said "No Public Restroom". They began to walk up the street, checking at all stores and restaurants, and they all said the same: No Public Restroom. [Clearly Honoka'a has suffered greatly at the hands of some terrible urine-filled beast and they are taking measures to minimize the damage.] At last Francisco and Eva came to a coffee shop, where Francisco said to the man behind the counter, "I'd like to order some coffee, but I need to use a restroom. Do you have one?" "No", said the man. "But you can go to my mom's work and use her bathroom. She has the realty business two doors up. Tell her Bobby sent you". Francisco and Eva did as Bobby said, and once inside the realtor's lair, they were directed to a door a the back of the office. The door was protected by both a knob lock and one of those push bolt locks; it was a little weird. They opened the door and walked up a long narrow corridor, to the secret hidden bathroom whose existence had been foretold in the prophesies. They used it, thanked Bobbby's mom, and went back to get their coffee. Bobby was a football fanatic so Francisco and Eva had to pretend to know what teams and coaches he was talking about. Then he told them how he met his second wife in Samoa, where he had gone to have her kidney transplanted into him, because she was a perfect match. After this romantic tale, they took their coffee and continued their journey, with light hearts and lighter bladders. Later Eva ended up peeing in the bushes on Waipi'o beach because she did not know there were porta potties farther up the beach and she was in an emergency situation, thanks to Bobby's coffee, but it all turned out okay in the end.

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