Today Francisco spent a few hours wandering around in the following outfit: black manties and a grey t-shirt, with a red bandanna around his neck. It's a very funny outfit, which is why he was wearing it, and I was sad when he put on shorts. We got up ludicrously early today, about 7 am, and drank coffee and read for awhile before watching a South Park episode. After that, more reading, and the Boy got up, and then we all three tackled the Boy's heinous room, purging his too-small clothes and toys. We worked two hours and are only about half done. Not fun, but necessary and good.

We took a break, had lunch (soft tacos) and white russians (just me and Francisco on that one) and started watching the Return of the King. Again. What, you thought I'd mail it back to Netflix after just one watching? Bitch, please.

Tomorrow we will go shopping, to the mall and to REI (for a microfiber towel and an around-the-neck passport holder, both for me to take to Scotland), and I need to work on the 30 files I brought home. Not looking forward to that, but it must be done.

I'm considering knitting myself a tank top out of this big bunch of cotton yarn I have, but I'm being mocked for the very notion by Francisco, who can't believe I would knit during the summer. I see his point, but it's air conditioned in here, so what's the problem?

Yesterday at work I was hearing this sound, all day long, and I didn't know what it was, and no one else was hearing it. It was like a deep, "HMM-HMM" kind of noise. I heard it all day in my office, at about 5 minute intervals, and when I came home I was glad to leave it behind. Imagine my chagrin when, last night as I was reading in bed, I heard it again; the exact same sound. It freaked me out very much, because I thought maybe I'd imagined it all day at work and was still imagining it. I asked Francisco to come in and sit with me in silence to see if he would hear it, and just when I was about to give up, I heard it, and Francisco heard it too. Apparently it's a toad or bullfrog, and I guess they're trying to mate right now, which is why I heard a frog/toad at work AND at home. I'm so glad I'm not going crazy.

Getting back to chores and stuff now.


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