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Hello Internet--it's been a long time since I told you anything. I think probably a list format is called for; don't you agree? Let's say yes.

1) The Shark has been staying in the guest room for a couple of weeks---he came back with us (he brought his car) after his graduation, and as I think I told you, he intended to get a job and stay in Ellensburg for the summer. About three days in Eburg changed his mind--I guess it's not as much fun here as he thought it would be. So he's going back to Eugene next Monday and while he's been in town we're having some work done on his car, and also yesterday he went to the dentist and eye doctor. I have to say, I've enjoyed having him around, but I will be happy to have our quiet and clutter-free house back. I will also be happy to stop buying so damn much milk. Do you know, on Saturday I bought two gallons of milk. We opened the first of them on Sunday. Today--Wednesday--we're almost out of milk. The kid CLAIMS he doesn't drink much milk, but the only other use we've put the milk to is for coffee, and that takes very little. He is a Guzzler.

2) Esther is still crazy during the night, and I think having the Shark here is not helping--I believe his nocturnal lifestyle unsettles Esther. For a few nights in a row, she was meowing every time one of us turned over in bed; Francisco said it was like sleeping with a color commentator. "Oh, he rolled over! I think he might be done rolling...yes... yes he appears to have completed his roll." She hasn't done that the last few nights, but she's been meowing for attention, and last night I resorted to hissing at her. Not surprisingly it worked like a charm--she went to lay on her blanket at the foot of the bed--but I worry about hurting her feelings. She seemed normal this morning, though, so who knows.

3) Francisco and I saw the Hangover last Sunday--it was Great! I asked the ticket counter guy if he ever tried to guess what movies people were there to see, and he said yes. I asked him if he'd pegged us for The Hangover, and he said, "Nope.". It was a very Definite nope. I guess we look like "My Sister's Keeper" people, but for the record we are not.

4) Our garden is doing great this year! We had planted 4 cabbages and two nights ago we ate one of them, which was v. satisfying. Cabbages are pretty--Selena DeJong was so right. Reference, anyone? Your prize shall be bragging rights.

5) For our big 20th anniversary vacation in December, we'll be going to Australia instead of New Zealand. This is because we wouldn't be able to use our frequent flier miles for New Zealand. We Could fly to Sidney with our miles and buy flights to Auckland from there, but part of the fun of the trip was the completely free airfare, so we decided to just change, even if it seems a little silly not to continue to New Zealand. And anyway, we started reading up on all the cool stuff to see and do in Australia, and we're excited to go there instead. We'll go to NZ someday for sure; just not this year.

6) Today I took steps to make a new friend, and it worked! It's someone who I kind of work with except not really and what I did was propose she and her husband and me and Francisco have dinner sometime. They seem like our kind of people and she responded with enthusiasm, so now we just have to figure out the when and where. Yay! We have our Other new friends to see soon, as well, and it's just nice to be getting more of a social life, you know?

7) I don't have much to say about the Michael Jackson death except that I feel I now better understand how people felt when Elvis died. I was only 9 when he died and I didn't really get why people were so upset. Which is not to say that I'm UPSET about Michael Jackson dying, but it did help me remember that he made a lot of great music before he started doing the oxygen chamber sleeping, skin bleaching, creepy nose job and carrying a chimp around with him stuff.

8) Not sure if we have any July 4th plans or not. Francisco works that day, until 4:00, or later if things get too busy and he gets stuck arresting people or whatever. It's not a big deal holiday for us anyway, so I don't need big plans. The next day I'm going to Seattle to meet up with Craige and her husband, Jeff. Yay! I've met Craige but not Jeff, and I think we'll have a super fun day.

No time for more, but it was nice to talk to you.




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