oh for a piece of hellfire, with which to cool myself


Things you should know today:

1) Currently it is 105 degrees outside. I don't know how hot it is in my house, but I'm betting 90 degrees (I called Sharky to ask how hot it is in there and he said "HOT"--very helpful). I think I'll take a picture of the thermostat to send to the landlord, in support of our assertion that the air conditioner doesn't really work, because I think he believes we're just whiners.

2) You know those little Tootsie Rolls, the size that come in bags of many? I've eaten 16 of those today, oh YES I have. I was left with very little choice, considering I was starving and ate my lunch at 11:00 (normally have it at 1:00) and at 1:00 it was far too hot to go out and get something healthy, therefore I visited the candy stash in the back. Twice. Incidentally, 16 Tootsie Rolls is two loose handfuls for me, because I have Man Hands--they are both a blessing and a curse.

3) I've got The Probie and his wife hooked on Firefly--they've watched the first two disks and Probie's taking the second two disks home this evening. When they're done with those I'll give him Serenity, and once he's done with that I'm going to start him on Arrested Development; I KNOW he'll like it. It's fun to have someone to foist all my favorite things onto, especially since I am naturally evangelical with the things I like.

4) We're looking forward to beginning our house hunting in a couple months or so. Actually we'll probably start looking around the beginning of October, because that's when Francisco should be returning from sleepaway police camp. I want to look NOW but Francisco's concerned that if we found a house we liked, were successful in buying it, and moved into it before he went to sleepaway police, all sorts of things could break or go wrong while he was at police and I'd have to try and deal with them myself. I'm not too worried about that, personally, but if it will make him feel better for us to have a landlord who has to fix stuff (theoretically, anyway) while he's gone, then I guess we should wait. But I want a house, I WANT ONE, and there are so many on the market right now just begging for our consideration. It is hard to be patient, but I'll do my best because I want to get just the right house; one we can settle into and live in for a really long time.

5) I'm going to wrap this up now so I can leave on time, trudge home all sweaty-like, and stop at the market on the way for a loaf of sourdough and some canned cat food. Francisco's going to grill some chicken and we'll have that, the bread, and a salad.




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