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Yesterday Francisco went to the market (well, Costco) and amongst other things purchased the ingredients for a delicious dinner: Steak with a yummy horseradish sauce, chewy bread, salad. He also bought a bunch of beautiful strawberries and we had some for dessert. Esther was very interested in my berries while I was eating them. She kept wanting to smell them, and later when I petted her with my right hand, which had held the strawberries as I nibbled them daintily, she went kinda apeshit. She started licking my hand and rubbing her face on it, plus meowing and writhing around as well. It made me remember she did that once before after I'd had strawberries, and does anyone know what chemical is in strawberries (or their leaves) that would make a cat behave in such a disgraceful manner?

Speaking of disgraceful behavior, my boss is sick, but does he stay home until he's better? No, of course not; he'd rather be in here coughing all over the place and infecting everyone. Did he learn nothing from last winter, when he infected my next door coworker with his walking pneumonia via his constant coughing? Apparently not. He's a real delight to be around right now, and by delight, I mean extreme annoyance. Universe, is there anything you can do?

In honor of the lovely Max, the Song of the Day is Jose Gonzalez's 'Heartbeats', which can be found here. It's an extremely gorgeous song and Max (and I) highly recommend it.

My coworker had a bag of ho-made (by her mother in law) hard candies in her office, and she doesn't want to eat it so she threw it away today but not before handing it to me so I could feel the heft. My point to telling you this is there was some sort of groce residue on the outside of the bag (it's secreting something) that is now on my hand and I must go wash it right this minute.

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