the triumphant return of the backseat coach


There are many trivial things to tell you, Internet, so I shall report them in list form.

1) Last weekend Francisco had two days of defensive tactics with his reserve deputy class. He got unbelievably beat up, as seen in this photo:

bruises 4

I wish I'd waited to take pictures of the bruises--I took them Monday morning--because they're bigger and darker now; boyfriend looks like he's been terribly victimized. But big ups to Francisco for having the cojones to let me post his manties pictures on the internet (there are a few more at Flickr, if you want to see different bruises)--not every man would be so brave. His finger stitches survived the beatings and he got the stitches out today; the finger is much better but is a wee bit jacked-up looking.

Before the weekend, on Friday night, I came home to find a few members of his Police class at the house. They had some refreshments Francisco had prepared (grapes and chips and ho-made guacamole) and then they fought in the backyard, to prepare for the weekend's roughhousing. After the fighting they dispersed and Francisco, Sharky and I went to dinner at the Palace Cafe. Good times.

2) I went to Sharky's soccer game on Saturday, and it was cool to see him play. He's improved a lot since the last game of his I saw, and though his team lost, I think they have potential, especially because their coach is pretty good and they respect him. I mean, I don't CARE if they win lots of games, but I think they would enjoy winning at least a few. The backseat coach ...

backseat coach

...showed up at halftime, which made me heart sink. He proceeded to yell his way through the second half, which was annoying until he made a delightful verbal blunder. I THINK it occurred because his mouth couldn't decide between "kicking" and "passing", because what he yelled was "Good kissing!" He Immediately followed this up with "Good passing!", but the damage was done. In this case the damage was pretty minimal because I doubt many people heard him, and actually I might've been the only one, but it pleased me quite a lot and I'll always remember it when I see him.

Another amusing thing that happened at the game was related to every single player on the opposing team being Latino [bear with me for a second, please]: After the game was finished the opposing team was going over to the other field to see how their varsity team had done, and as they were making their way over, one of the kids yelled "Run!", to get his teammates moving faster. Another kid chimed in with "Border patrol!" and they all laughed. I thought that was funny and that you might think it was funny too. You read this at your own risk and there will be no refunds if you are dissatisfied with the quality of my humor. Deal--no takebacks!

3) On Saturday and Sunday I did chores and marketing and the making of dinners, and on Sunday I made a meatloaf. I combined the meat/veg/breadcrumbs/etc mixture in advance and put it into the frig to chill and meld a little bit. After that was done I took a walk around town with the Popcam my friend Diana gave me. I put black and white film into it to get the best use of the 4 different colored filters and took probably 16 pictures. I want to finish that up and get it processed; I think the results could be pretty fun, especially since I found some skateboarders to photograph. I also saw (but did not photograph) another building with a fake owl on top. I'm not sure why fake owls are such hot building decorations around here, but I guess they are. I like that.

4) Francisco spotted a new yarn store that's going in downtown--this is awesome news! There used to be a yarn shop in town but it closed a month or two before we moved here, so I will be sure to patronize this yarn store as much as possible to keep it in business.

5) Today I had four hours of Desk Duty, because of two people being out and other people being too busy to do more desk time. It was surprisingly not horrible, probably because this is spring break. I got a shitload of work done today and am completely caught up, which makes me feel much better than I'd been feeling this week--I had some stuff piled up.

6) I'm having a terrible skin week. I know I ovulated last weekend, but usually the bad skin holds off until the Second week of PMS. Aggravating.

7) I've only gone to the gym once this week. Not good. On Tuesday morning I got up and got dressed and was ready to go but then decided I couldn't possibly go because of the massive zit on my chin. Talk about Excuses! I've got a million of them. Tomorrow I probably won't go due to my stigmata acting up; just you wait.

8) Francisco has been recording the Ultimate Fighting Championships lately, to get tips on fighting and whatnot, and I've watched a few of them. The fights are brutal, but what I like about them is how, at the end of the fight, after many minutes of the fighters beating the crap out of each other, they hug and sometimes give cheek kisses to each other. I mean, how sweet is that?? Answer = very.

9) Does anyone remember the Sesame Street cream pie counting gag? There'd be a number of the day, say...4, so they'd sing-count up to ten and back down, and then sing "ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR...FOUR FOUR FOUR FOUR LET'S SING THE SONG OF FOURRRR. HOW MANY IS FOUR?" A guy dressed as a pastry chef would then appear at the top of a short flight of steps, holding 4 pies. He'd sing "Four coconut cream [or some kind of cream] pies!" and then fall down the steps, with pies going everywhere. Do you happen to remember this at all? Anyone? Anyone? It was awesome; it was comedy gold and I never got tired of it.

Okay, that's it for now. Bye lovies.




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