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The Song of the Day is The Lovemakers' -- Shake That Ass, at Work For It (8/5 entry). This song hooked me immediately and hopefully you'll like it too.

Do you remember Toby, the cat from next door who used to be all the time trying to get in our house? Well, he's been replaced, but not by a cat: there are a couple of kids from two houses over who spent a few hours yesterday trying to get in, though not by the same methods Toby employed [they did not, for instance, climb onto the bathroom window screen and cling there, yowling, until it and they fell off and into the compost pile]. The boy, Marcus, is about 5 and his sister appears to be about 3. Marcus wanted Sharky to come out and play, OR he wanted he and his sister to come inside and play, and that second thing is not going to happen. These children are nice enough, but they are extreme pests, and I just know if I allowed them to come into the house once, they would Toby us to death wanting to come in all the time. Marcus accosted me the second I got home last night and pestered pestered pestered me; a conversation that I will now recount to you as best I can remember it:

Me [emerging from the car]: Hi
Marcus: Can your two sons come out and play?
Me [trying to remember who my other son is and then recalling Sharky had a friend over]: I only have one son--the other one is his friend.
Marcus: Can they come out?
Me: Well, if they Want to, but they're probably playing a game right now.
Marcus: You go tell them to come out.
Me: I will ASK them if they want to come out...
Marcus: You go ask them, okay?
Marcus: And if they say yes, you can come tell me.
Marcus: Or if they say no, you can come tell me.
Me: Right

I go in and yell up the stairs to say Marcus wants them to come out--they are highly amused but say they'd rather not. I go back out.

Me: I'm sorry; they're playing a game right now and they don't want to come out.
Marcus: What game are they playing? Is it on the X-Box?
Me: I'm not sure, but something like that [Sharky has Playstation, but why correct him?]
Marcus: Can we come in and play too?
Me: I think it's just a game two people can play, and I think they want to play by themselves.
Marcus: How come we can't play?
Me: They're 14, so they're a lot older than you, and they just want to play by themselves
Marcus: Where are your cats?
Me: They're in the house.
Marcus: Tell them to come out so I can pet them.
Me: Our cats don't go outside; they have to stay in.
Marcus: Can I come in and pet the kitties?
Me: I'm sorry, I think they're busy.
Marcus [thinking I misheard]: No, the Kitties!
Me: Right--they're busy.
Marcus: The KITTIES
Me: They've got stuff to do
Me: Yeah, the cats, I've got it. They're BUSY.
Marcus: What are they doing?
Me: They're doing my taxes.
Me: The kitties are doing my taxes!! ARE YOU CALLING ME A LIAR??
Marcus: Prove it.
Me: I ain't proving NOTHING--I'm going in the house now. Bye!

He kept ringing the doorbell yesterday evening with the same request/demand (Sharky comes out or he comes in) until Francisco told him we had things to do and please don't ring the doorbell again. If he tries again tonight to come into the house, I've got my excuse planned: "I'm sorry; our house is very unsafe for younger children. The entire floor is covered by broken glass." Y'all are probably thinking I'm a big meanie, but I'm telling you: This kid is a nudge and he will want to come in every single day if he comes in one time. Also, last night when Francisco came home with pizza (we live very near a pizza place so Francisco always picks it up instead of getting it delivered) Marcus was all over him about the pizzas and could he have some, and were our sons going to eat a whole pizza by themselves? This kind of thing is a little pathetic but mostly it's annoying; I want to discourage any further solicitation from Marcus if at all possible.

I guess Marcus is all I have to tell you about. Last night we had the previously-mentioned pizza, plus salad, for dinner, and other than that Francisco and I read while Sharky and his friend played (Francisco took the friend home at 8:30), and then Sharky and I watched MTV's 70s House--we haven't missed an episode yet. Other television we're enjoying this summer includes Trailer Fabulous (the host is irritating but it's still a fun show), Reno 911, Rescue Me, the final two episodes of Hell's Kitchen (recommended by my sister, and I wish we'd watched the whole thing from the start), MythBusters, Daily Show, and sometimes reruns of Lost, because it's interesting to watch them again--things you didn't notice before take on new meaning in light of things that happened later in the season.

My ennui has broken, like a fever. I'm cured!

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