what about a braunschweiger sundae?


My Second in Command Boss's daughter got married last weekend, and she's taking her husband's last name. That's nothing unusual, of course, though a lot of women choose not to do that, but the thing is, her new last name is Bones. Personally I'd have to be pretty darn in love with someone to change my name to Bones, but that's not why I'm mentioning it. Have you seen the old Katharine Hepburn/Cary Grant movie, "Bringing Up Baby"? It's really funny--if you haven't seen it, you should. Anyway, there's a scene in there where Katharine Hepburn tells her aunt that Cary Grant's last name is Bone (which it wasn't) and later he's telling Katharine Hepburn all the reasons why he's had such a bad day and he says, "You told her my name was Bone, but you didn't tell ME". Every time someone in our office brings up the SICB's daughter and her new last name (my assy boss makes it a topic of conversation Far too often) my brain whispers, "you told her my name was Bone, but you didn't tell ME". It's driving me a little crazy.

Someone moseyed into this diary today through a google search for "Proactiv panic attacks". People. What? Proactiv doesn't cause panic attacks--it causes beautiful skin. Now There's a side effect I can live with!

Also, today my coworker told me that when her grandma was old and senile, she used to try and feed $20 bills to her dogs. I'm not sure why that captured my attention so much, but it did. I can't stop picturing it.

Can you tell that nothing much is going on right now? I mean, things are going on, but nothing huge, and it's been such a busy day that some of the things I wanted to mention have been completely forgotten by now. I wanted to say something about spiders, I know that for sure, but I don't know what, other than this is an extremely spidery year. Have you noticed more spiders lately? Or is it just this area?

Did you see The Assistant from Monday night? Because of course I knew (who didn't know?) that the ugly plate would get broken, but still, it was funny to watch. I'm not sure why the assistants aren't suspicious about all the stuff that "goes wrong", but they don't seem to be. I love that Andy brought that guy back, because I thought from episode one that the guy should win. Anyone who would steal a trophy and say he won it because it was his assignment to win it? Would make an excellent Hollywood assistant. And that head cheese popsicle was disgusting and hilarious. Mostly hilarious.

I finally remembered to email my doctor today and ask if she has the results of that gluten test I gave blood for over 5 weeks ago. I've been forgetting to email her about it, and I was going to wait 3 weeks anyway, since every time I email her for the results of something she tells me she just sent me a letter, but I think 5 weeks is plenty of time to wait for a letter. I was hoping to hear back from her this afternoon, because there were some cookies here today that I would've sampled if the result was negative. Alas, they are gone now.

Going home now.


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