belated happy holidays


Okay, so real quick:

We didn't go to Eugene for Christmas because we only had 3 days to drive down, be there, and drive back, and the weather promised to turn driving down into all day affairs. We stayed in Eburg to have Christmas with Twyla, Sonny, and the girls. Francisco and Twyla's mom came over from Poulsbo and we've had a lot of fun. On Christmas Eve we went out to dinner at one of the only restaurants open in town. The service was unbelievably slow, thanks to a dearth of restaurant employees. I won't go into the particulars but the longer we had to wait, the funnier it got for everyone but Lou (she actually held up quite well until her blood sugar got dangerously low, but fortunately dinner arrived in time to prevent a meltdown). I hope we go back next Christmas Eve--if so we will be better prepared.

In about one minute we're leaving to pick up Francisco's mom; she and us and Twyla and fam are going antique shopping in Cle Elum. Francisco and I are looking for a bar (piece of furniture, not drinking establishment) and hopefully we'll find one.

Happy Boxing Day, everyone!




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