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Last night when I left work I picked up Boy from his afterschool Tae Kwon Do and we went home. We were greeted by the smell of fresh bread and a note from Francisco that said he would call if he was going to be out late, and to not make fun of his loaf of bread. He said he don't know what it is with him and that bread machine. I looked at the loaf and it was indeed a mutant; small and dense and with weird stalagmites of dough sticking off of it. I wrote him a note that said,

"Dear Francisco,

I had to go to the hospital tonight. I fell and hit my head on that loaf of bread.



I was awake when he got home but I directed his attention to Boy's report card on the kitchen table (all As except for one B! we are very proud of him), on top of which I had placed the note. He laughed and I felt very pleased; I love to make him laugh. But anyway, I don't know what it is with him and that bread machine either. Every loaf I make comes out perfect, and every loaf he makes looks like a doorstop. He thinks he's making the water too hot for the yeast and I think he's right.

So, I have my new cell phone with me today--it is making me very nervous. It beeped once when I was driving to work and I thought maybe Francisco had sent me a text message. At the next red light I dug it out of my purse and looked at it, but no message. A few minutes later when I was almost at work but not quite, it rang. I ignored it and let the voice mail take a message (I knew it was Francisco; no one else has the number), and the phone beeped to let me know there was a message. At this point I was white-knuckling the steering wheel, because of all the sudden noises, and also I was stuck behind a slow moving tractor. I know I'll get used to the phone and its shrill screams, but this morning it was a little distracting.

Well now I know it's April, because my left eye is killing me. This has happened every April for the past Many years, that when the pollen is flying my left eye suddenly decides to stop producing enough tears. The first year it happened I got a little ulcer on my cornea and couldn't wear my contact lenses for a month. The humiliation wised me up and I now use artificial tears about every 5 minutes to keep my eye from driving me completely crazy. The tears are only kind of working today, and my kingdom for a melon baller with which to extract my eyeball.

Okay, I wrote all the above this morning and since then I went for a long walk at lunch (it's kind of warm here today, and when I got back I was sweating and red-faced; very attractive) and have played around with the phone enough to start really liking it. The text messaging is fun, and it also has interweb access, though I haven't tried that out because I don't know whether it's a per minute cost or a flat rate like the text messaging. It's a new toy, I guess, and fun like all new toys. Francisco texted me a sexy message a few minutes ago and I got to respond with, "who is this?", so yeah, it's all good.

The phone calls are starting to roll in at work, since some students got their aid packets today. I am unfazed for now--I'm keeping up and I'm even in a very good mood today (possibly the weather, and the walk). So far so good. It'll probably be a whole different story at the end of the month, but maybe I'll get lucky.

I'm almost finished with my 4th large glass of water today (I think my new work glass is 20 ounce, and I know my home glass is), and am feeling good and hydrated. I think I'll drink a 5th glass before I go home, because I'm an overachiever like that. An underachiever in all the ways that matter, but when it comes to drinking enough water, I'm your man. So to speak. Oh, I've been meaning to mention this but I have continuously forgotten--I figured out a way to remember to take vitamins every day. Taking vitamins is probably easy for most people to remember, but I think my brain was purposely forgetting because we take 4 separate ones and we take them before bed, and usually we've been too tired to want to shake vitamins out of 4 separate bottles. Yes, we are pathetic. Anyway, the weekend before last we bought 3 plastic pill holders; the kind where you can store a week's worth of pills, but in 7 separate sections. As a result we haven't missed a day with the vitamins--even the Boy, who only takes one multivitamin but was loathe to open the vitamin bottle to do so everyday. We're all getting healthier by the second.

That's about all I have today. No big plans tonight other than to take in an all new West Wing, and whatever Buffy rerun FX throws at us tonight. Maybe I will also clean something and get a jumpstart on the weekend chores. It's not too likely, but one never knows.

Love and kisses, and I hope your weather is nice,

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