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I used to watch ER until I lost interest several years ago and stopped. I don't miss it, especially since the ads for the show are just plain ridiculous. The ad I saw last night warned that tonight's ER is going to contain the most shocking event in ER history, and I thought, "Pfft--I've heard that one before". It's like the people who make ER have gotten caught in a vicious cycle of having to outdo themselves in the realm of shocking events, and if they don't stop it, eventually the viewers will discover that all the characters are robots bent on world domination, or something. Shocking!

Dear Whoever Produces ER,

It's time to throw in the towel, buddy. Have terrorists drop a nuclear bomb on the hospital in the final 5 minutes of the last show, because ain't NObody doesn't want to see those annoying ER characters vaporized.



This morning after I dried my hair, I looked at it and it was just sitting there. Limp. Shapeless. A bad hair day. I considered my options and decided to stick it up in a twisty bun thing, and I have to tell you, people are all over me today about the hair. "Your hair looks so good today", "I really like your hair that way", etc, and it's not that I'm not glad to have apparently turned bad hair to my advantage, but you know, it's just clipped up there. Took all of ten seconds, if that. So, I'm a little baffled at the warm reception the hair has received, but not in a bad way. I'm thinking I'll need to have more days of wearing the hair up.

West Wing got back on track last night in a big way. The last few episodes have felt really weird, but last night things went more or less back to normal; in the end, anyway. Last night we also watched an episode of Angel the Tivo recorded on Tuesday night, late, and it was one where an apocalypse is happening and Cordelia sleeps with Connor, which gave us Such a wiggins. Yuck.

I wish I had other things to say, but I don't. Maybe tomorrow.


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