watering the gutter


I think our neighbor died. He was 92--his name was (is?) Ernie--and he
was taken away in an ambulance about three weeks ago. He hasn't been
back, so he either died or he's still in the hospital, or maybe he's in
a nursing home. Anyway, his relatives have taken control of his house,
and one of them is a complete effing idiot. He apparently is trying to
get the lawn into shape, and his strategy for doing this has been to
take PVC pipe, drill holes in it, and plug it into a hose--a ho-made
sprinkler system. The problem with this is he keeps setting it up on the
thin strip of grass between the street and the sidewalk: he turns it on
and leaves it for HOURS. The ground can't absorb any more water (it's
turned into a mudhole, actually) and the water is running down the
sidewalk and into the gutter, so basically that fool is watering the
gutter for several hours at a time. He doesn't stick around after he's
turned on this retarded sprinkler system, and I've been tempted to just
go turn it off, but I'm afraid he might catch me. But if he doesn't stop
doing it, I'm Totally going to be turning it off. The aquifers out here
are starting to be depleted; we can't be wasting water in such a fool

I lost the 12 packs of Polaroid film eBay auction. It's not actually
over yet, but my very most maximum bid has been exceeded so I'm not
bidding any higher. If the film was not expired and was being sold in a
store, it would be $144 all together, so I can't imagine why the bidding
is already over $100, with 3 days left to go. Nuts.

Hoo-boy, I am so braindead right now. I was thrown to the wolves
put on the counselor desk yesterday morning and this morning, 9-12:30,
and then this afternoon I had to return all the phone messages I
couldn't get to while I was at the counselor desk this morning (because
I was on the phone or talking to a student), and that took until almost
4:00. I have been forced to learn much today, and I know it's a good
thing, but it's also exhausting. The whole reason I had to man the desk
in the first place is because there was only one counselor in the office
besides me--the other three were on vacation--but fortunately everyone
will be back in the office next week, including under-desk lunch napping

No brainpower to write any more.


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